compass rose
1540 Compass Rose

Please don't write to tell me I'm a landlubber for not calling these things charts...
The Dutch, not your typical landlubber, use kaart in both cases,
and I already know I'm a landlubber, anyway.

Some more recent maps of Curaçao island here.

de la Cosa 1500 Terra Nova America 1507
Juan de la Cosa, 1500
Harvard University
Terra Nova, Waldseemüller
British Library
America 1507, Waldseemüller
which gave the continent a name
KLM East
Compare the maps below
with the route de Ojeda took,
and you'll understand why he did so
KLM West
KLM Eastern Route
Amsterdam-Indonesia 1932
These are parts of maps in
Bos-Niermeyers Atlas der Geheele Aarde
Groningen, den Haag, Batavia 1932
Alonso de Ojeda 1499 and KLM
Snip 1934, Ludwig von Beethoven 1993
current wind January wind July
Atlantic currents January winds July winds

Steamship Curaçao the Werbata Maps the European discovery: KLM Fokker F-VIIb Snip
Steamship Curaçao CD-ROMS Alonso de Ojeda

Amerigo Vespucci
Fokker FVIIb
record first Atlantic crossing, 1826 century-old maps on CD-ROM comic strip heroes first Trans-Atlantic air service, 1934

shrinking world
how we shrunk the world
(until it became too small and crowded)

map symbols
map symbols

Vinland map Paradise map Piri Reis map
fool's paradise Piri Reis
Jesuit fools Hitler
fool's paradise
Forester fools Forester
still fools lots of people

Funny map

Murmansk map

Internet map
leo belgicus
murmansk convoys
sof map
Leo Belgicus
united we stand
Murmansk Convoy route
Gates fools the World

Francis Drake map
fool's paradise
map and plate:
con-trick and prank

If you use MS Internet Explorer or Sun Star Office
pay a visit to Curaçao island in live 3D

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