Fokker's Asymmetrical Aircraft


Antony Fokker was so satisfied with this idea that he took out a German patent license for it. The pilot sat next to the engine, not behind it; the engine was offset by 10 degrees. It was used in at least two Fokker civilian models, the F-III and F-IV.

Fokker F-III


Fokker F-III

On some aircraft the engine was to the left, on some to the right of the pilot, whose view must have been much improved. It carried five passengers in all contemporary luxury with a speed of 135 km/hr.
Span - 17.60m
length - 11.07m
max weight - 1900kg
range - 1000km
passengers - 5
wide range of engines

Fokker F-IV

Never used in commercial service, as T-2 in 1923 it made the first non-stop USA Coast-to-Coast flight, while breaking records for weight and distance - and also eight for speed.
Span - 24.80m
length - 15.00m
max weight - 3460kg
range - 4100km
passengers - 8/12
wide range of engines

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum
Washington, DC

most asymmetrical aircraft

Blohm und Voss BV141
Blohm und Voss Bv-141

World's Worst Aircraft
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