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the Clowns
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Curaçao Island

the 202s Curaçao political circus

Karl Marx: History repeats itself—first as tragedy, then as farce.
Here in Curaçao, we start with the farce.

Happy New Year!
We can only hope, better than last year.
Which isn't asking for much, right?

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"Pure Madness"
That's PAR MP Walroud's reaction to the idea to build a new building for Staten/parliament. What's the matter, Walroud, are you jealous because you're not a committee member? Which may be working for 2 years after the first 2 have gone by.
Walroud accuses Staten of a "building syndrome", pointing at several expensive recent nonsense buildings all over the islands. He omits the planned new Tax Building ad 60 million guilders. Only.

Big Surprise
Dutch Tweede Kamer/parliament agrees that the CAS islands must have more to say in the Coho deal. The population here has as much to say in this as Holland, they say.
Their next step is, our parliaments must have as much to say as the Dutch government. Would be logical—if only our parliaments were really democratic. One has doubts.
Shared in Amigoe by Martinus, who (much simplified) submits that Coho "should be replaced by the governor". Not a bad idea, were it not that many people already have their doubts about the governor's function in a democracy.

No Such Luck
The efforts of Cyberluck to stop VPRO/Groene Amsterdammer publishing info on Nardy Cram's and Roel Bijkerk's deep investigations of Cyberluck's activities have been kicked out of Dutch court. Putting it in a nutshell, "How does Cyberluck want to stop publication of an article they haven't even read?" (Let alone ask for rectification.)
Groene will publish it in next week's edition.

There You Have It
The people of Otrabanda's Rifwater area have started protesting against the plans of turning their living neighborhood into a tourist attraction. For one thing, because they're afraid of being kicked out of their houses. But the government assures them they have nothing to fear.
How weird that they don't seem to trust those promises! But they refer to other occasions, where people were kicked out and fences were built to keep them out of projects. Could they by any chance talk about Kura Hulanda?
Seem to have learned their lesson from the past— unlike our Bleading Leeders.

Here's Your Chance!

Here's your chance to become a government-licensed pimp!
Just put in a bid at the June 21 auction.
Also good for drug and weapons dealing, money laundering; whatever tickles your fancy.

They'll Lose
The Christian Pastors protest against the planned re-opening of giant bordello Campo Alegre. They claim, and one must admit they have a point, it will lead to more crime, not less. They mention domestic violence and human trafficking, to which many more forms of crime committed by the former owners can be added.

We're Saved
A mobile water distillation unit will be installed, the Xploration Coastline concept. It's meant for emergencies, will work on so-called clean energy (an oxymoron, but okay) and will deliver 1 million liters/day. Which is 1000 m^3; or not very much. At any rate, good to know hospitals and all will have water available.

No More Cut
Staatssecretaris van Huffelen will allow the governments to cut the 12.5% salary cut. Because living has become so much more expensive.
True. For the rest of us, as well.
Especially for old farts on welfare pensions.
But politicians and other top salaries will remin cut.

Now We're Clean
Selikor garbage service has caught up with collecting trash. At least, they say they may have done so next week.
This means collecting trash in the weekend. Overtime anyone?

We'll have a Carnival next year! Complete with parades. Preparations may start, says education minister van Heydoorn.
Only if we don't get too many new Virus infections, though. Which, by the way, infections are still going up a bit.
But the quarrels have started already, right on cue. The Big Parade would be outside the Otrabanda town center along the Helmin Wiels Boulevard, which the carnival committee (of course we have such a thing) declares unacceptable.

Cyber out of Luck?
These guys want to stop an article published by VPRO and Groene Amsterdammer on their misdoings activities. They're afraid that the Dutch radio/tv station and weekly magazine will act "contrary to truth" and will publish facts on Cyberluck's efforts to gag a well-known critic and a prominent lawyer acting against them by suing them in court. A well-known tactic. They have plenty of money to do that... much too much, in fact. Also, they're worried about their 1800, probably illegal, sub-licensees which the Curaçao government doesn't touch.
Cyberluck wants VPRO and Groene Amsterdammer to refrain from publication, penalty €250,000, and rectification.
The well-known critic would be Nardy Cram of KKC and the lawyer Roelof Bijkerk.

Something Else Entirely
The number of bezwaarschriften [objections] with the Tax Person is still just as large as a year ago: about 36,000 which still have to be answered. Thanks to the hard work of the spoiled brats M*F*K finance minister Silly Vain keeps bragging about. They'll have to hire a bunch of "temporary" workers to cope with it.

Hah! Hah! HAH!
The Spoiled Brats will get an extra day off on May 27th. Minister Martina says it's to reward them for their hard work.

Here's Proof: It's Over
Long time no see: Amigoe has an article on chicungunya. Nobody worried about that one during the past two years when it was all about the Communist Party Virus.
Also, those stupid masks are abolished almost everywhere.

Sorry, Kids
The announced loontrede yearly salary raise for civil servants has been frozen. Again. There's no money, kids. They will get 3% vacation money. It goes without saying (so I'll do it anyway) that the unions are incredibly pissed off.

€uro versus US$
For the first time in 20 years it looks like the € will lose so much of its value that it will equal the US dollar. Means the Antillean guilder will cost the Europeans 2.19 instead of 1.88 now. Which is bad for the tourism hausse everybody is so enthusiastic about.
Well, almost everybody.

What Else
After contractors had complained about two Spoiled Brats' corruption, about 6 months ago they were fired pending criminal investigations. Well, not fired; as far as I can make out they still got their salaries.
At any rate, Mudbelly Cooper has hired them again, pending the investigation. They just won't have anything to do with contractors. If you're surprised, you must be new here.

The fuel station owners do not agree with the way their tariffs are analyzed by BT&P. They want their margin raised from the present 17.53 cents/liter to 25.44. They have no confidence in BT&P as independent regulator.
If they get what they want, gasoline en diesel oil will become still more expensive.

No Joke
Dutch Dolfijn submarine has arrived in Curaçao, to participate in the Velas Latinamericanas, June. While a submarine does have a "sail" one does wonder.

So What?
The Dutch Court of Audit finds that the ABC islands must be told more clearly how matters stand with their total 2 billion debt. That's okay and even fine, but we'll still have to pay.

Too Bad if You're No Tourist
2.5 million guilders will be spent to clean up 35 locations. Only touristic ones, though. It's bad for our image, got it? That's the reversal of NIMB—not in my backyard.
There's more news here. All public beaches will get a toilet and an eat facility. You want to enjoy peace and quiet? Stay at home.
Will save your tires, too.

Now It's SVB
Social Insurance Bank. Spoiled brats' trade union wants to go to court: nothing else will serve to check the management-proposed measures to cut on personnel costs. There's not even money to send workers with VVU (early voluntary retirement).

Hurray! Another Committee
Staten/parliament, now distributed over 3 buildings, wants to build a new one. After all, we have plenty of money... plenty. Main reason I see mentioned is, after 10-10-10 there's been personnel growth. And we thinking the prime reason for island independence (from the Netherlands Antilles) was to save on personnel!
A committee has been installed for two years' duration to look into the problems. Gee, I wonder how much the six members and their assisting experts get paid.

The Hague, kingdom's political center, is worried about the political influence of crime in the CAS islands (CUR, AUA and SXM). They might well be.
In a, maybe related? court case against No Limit Soldiers the lawyers argue that OM public ministry has illegally used privileged info obtained from listening to phone conversations between lawyers and their clients. OM denies this.
Amigoe newspaper carries an article wondering how member L. of NLS, who declares a taxable income of 17,000 guilders/year, could buy a number of airplane tickets, two Audi cars and other vehicles, boats, a motorcycle, jewelry, and watches with more enormous expenditures.
L. paid 390,000 cash for the Audis and also bought a Chevrolet Tahoe (173 thou) and a Land Rover (135 thou). 540,000 was spent on the house he built.

Tell Us About It
In Antilliaans Dagblad Mitchell Karman of Ernst & Young mentions a frightening number of facts about how the Tax Persons treat the citizens. To name just one example, objections often do not even get a reply, this while the law stipulates that you have to protest at the Raad van Advies court within a given period. Which leaves you without anything.
But M*F*K finance minister Silly Vain is so proud that he got the spoiled brats there to get to work, and how much money is coming in as a result! Why, we don't even need Coho support from Holland anymore!

Wait and don't see. RvA advisory council informs us, again, that since 10-10-10 not a single yearly country account has been approved. They advise several remedies. Will they work? Will anybody even take the trouble to read them at all?

Good Question
Lawyer Roel Bijkerk, in the ongoing court case against Cyberluck, asks in his statement: "How will this go on in Curaçao with this sector, which has enriched many foreign casino-exploiters, led to much misery for players, led to profit for very few Curaçaoans, and gives Curaçao a bad name?"
The Cyberlucky gang has gone so far as to publish Bijkerk's private address, his then minor son's, and that of KKC refugee-in Holland's Nardy Cramm. Complete with a photo of her parents' home.
Bijkerk mentions Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galzian, who was blown up a few years ago because of interference in the gambling affairs of boss Jorgen Fenech.
Closer by, the names of Helmin Wiels and Imalootin' come to mind.

How Like Him
Ramon Chong, "who narrowly escaped a prison term for alleged fraud" (There's Still Hope) speeches that we need a new economic approach, where people are central. He omits to say which people, but we have our ideas about that. For this, the population must grow.
Free malicious translation: is what auntie Sushi keeps saying as well; would result in more taxes and thus more money available to those who see a use for it. Too bad, Chong.
Chong now is party head of coalition-partner PNP.

Minibus Price Up
SER social-economic council after all does advise a tariff raise of 5 to 15 cents. Not much, but research has shown the tariffs already have been too high for several years. Not that the mini-bus drivers complained about that, are you kidding?

Still Way too High
The Virus test ratio, sparing you most of the ugly details, still is over 11% positive; and growing. Total deaths now 275.

Don't Count on It
M*F*K MP Brownbill has an idea: why does Curoil not lower the prices at their own 4 fuel stations? It would stimulate competition, he says. Sure. Too bad for the other fuel stations, who also charge the maximum price allowed.

If You're Lucky
Our esteemed Tax Person has a web page, Belastingdienst Curaçao, where you're supposed to send ALL your declarations. Too bad they don't have an email address or form to send your complaints to.
For example, they just send us an assessment for Sales Tax with a 2500 guilders fine for not having declared on time. However, 1/ we did declare on time and 2/even if not, the first time is free; gradually going up to the max. of (you guessed it) 2500. So, this was not even the first time.
So where to complain? Then, on that page they tell you: Call us — You can reach all departments by phone — Here are all phone numbers
Just try it. But only if you got time to spare. Plenty of time. And to avoid disappointments: don't count on them picking up.

Even Worse
We've had our Hato airport scandals, remember? But St. Maarten, as so often, is even worse. 3 more persons have been arrested because of fraud, bringing the total to 5. The airport got money to help in restoring and cleaning up after Hurricane Irma, and of course much of it got stolen and sluiced away.
As I understand it, the work still has not been finished.

Guess Who Pays?
We do, of course. American Airlines announce resuming the second daily flight MIA-CUR. Because of the much-vaunted opening soon of the Sandals Resort at Santa Barbara.
The media don't mention it, but in any case, we know all too well that AA wouldn't do this without a guarantee of CTB tourist board. Us. You and me.

Always Never
The minibus union complains that the lower diesel prices come too late and are still too high.
That goes for all of us, but what else? What can the government do? Must all of us together subsidize them from taxes?
Like we do the large konvoois indeed, you got that straight.

It's an Old, Old Song
But contrary to the old hit, it still has the same meaning. Now it's Domeinbeheer/domain management that comes into the picture because of an alleged "anxiety culture". Alleged by an ex-worker, who got himself pensioned off last year, but still receives many complaints by people still there. The director is almost never to be found at work, so temporary workers (whose contract isn't secured after years and years, so they can kicked out instantly) are terrorized by an unnamed boss figure, who yells and screams at them.
Worse for us all, many urgent affairs are delayed for years because nobody takes the trouble to finish them. No wonder many workers are said to be leaving when they see a chance.

One third of the people who get support by Voedselbank/food bank are on old-age welfare. Small wonder; their payments are still on 2013 level.
But the spoiled brats... ah, it's no use. Let it go.

What Else Did You Expect?
Damen Shipyards have not fulfilled any of the promises they made 5 years ago, when they took over CDM/DOK's activities. They have lost all confidence of the contractors and the financial world.
What happens next? Good question: nobody knows.

Ex-PM Shorty is suing Orco Bank, who have blocked his account for donations. Orco: "The donations are meant to repay debts Schotte has received illegally." If the donations are stopped, Orco will unblock the account.
It is claimed by Shorty's lawyers that, before the blocking, 10,000 guilders per day were received on the account. Which is not nearly enough anyway, as the pay date is past Monday, May 9th.
The judge said, Shorty and the bank have to sit down and talk. Good luck, Shorty!
Also, a comment in KKC tells us that Shorty is still driving around in a Porsche-mobile. Poor baby.

Who Cares
Not M*F*K finance minister Silly Vain. Cft says the countries budgets do not meet Kingdom law standards, but Silly has already told them they'll stand, regardless. Worst maybe is, "the announced decrease in personnel costs is not substantiated."
Let us sue him!

Krazy, Mon
Importer Livoni Agencies, where what's now numbered as 55 pallets have been confiscated, stops importing deep-freeze products. Boss Vos will concentrate on other products, like beer. Comments Vos: "Himalaya salt is 500 million years old but nobody complains." Well, there is a difference, #$$-0.
Is that an argument? The earth is much older but we all make do with it, as well.

Small Wonder
Aqualectra utility complains that more and more people don't pay their Selikor 35 guilders/month fee. They should shut up. For years, they omitted to transfer the money received to Selikor but stuck to it themselves like glue.
Then also, the complaints about Selikor's service are steadily growing.
Nonpayers are now threatened their accounts will be transferred to Landsontvanger tax reveiver. Watch out!

Oh, Bother...
Finance minister Silly Vain will not take the trouble to follow up on the Cft recommendations. After all, the government has plenty of money... plenty.
For now.

Count Your Blessings
Count 'em one by one, or you'll be finished much too soon. As from today, at the pumps gasoline will be 25 cents cheaper and diesel 28 cents. That's not even 10% for gas.
The lower prices will be valid until end this year, but if Curoil (whoever) decides to raise them nevertheless, that's the price that will count.

It's all rather vague, but I guess nobody has any real doubts. The criminal street gang No Limit Soldiers had political ambitions and wanted to infiltrate the government. Names mentioned are "Dick, Dok, Davelaar, Zita, Pik, Nashonal and Pais." Hardly unrecognizable. NLS was especially interested in Justice and Economy. Ya bet. Join the Gang of Crooks!
This is still in court and we hope to read more, later.

Only 4600 Kilos
25 pallets totaling that weight of expired foods have been confiscated at wholesalers. Almost makes you think "It's our culture!" Much of the stuff had already expired in 2019 and 2020. It was meant for sale to restaurants, cafetarias, hotels and supermarkets.

Fata Morgana
The Circular Economy (better called "Doughnut Economy") propagators have been visiting Radulphus College high school to indoctrinate the students. Sounds pretty good (recycling materials and all that) until we hit on the sentence that, then, "waste doesn't exist".
Which goes to show you that the learned guys from Dutch Saxion University don't seem to be aware of the Laws of Thermodynamics.

What Else, New?
The spoiled brats' trade unions want their full 6% vacation money, not merely 3%. And damn the torpedoes!

Wait Some More
A new Isla Refinery exploiter should be known two weeks from now. Story is, there are 3 candidates left but Isla management is not talking.
Media are pretty vague and contradict each other; according to some, Bullenbaai oil terminal will be reopened first, and the refinery later; others seem to tell us the refinery is out of the picture for now.
At any rate, the refinery can't be rebooted just like that; it should be upgraded to conform to present international standards.
As there is talk about reopening the border with Venezuela, the way mayo be open to import Venezuelan crude for refining. Again.

DIY Economy
Crime has been doing well this month: say twice as many burglaries as in March-April.

Good for Us?
Remains to be seen. But for now, the judge has canceled health minister's Pietersz-Janga's budgets for 2020/1. She must deliver new budgets in 3 months' time, and now considering CMC hospital's protests. Which is something new, imagine.

Throw the Key Away
After all, the OM public ministry seems to be open to accepting a payment arrangement for ex-PM Shorty's fine. But not in 10 or 20 years; or even a century (!); ultimately before September 2023.Shorty has received 3 warning letters already, the normal standard before lock-up.
At any rate, his lawyer's letter to OM has not been replied to yet.

Antillephone, a gambling operation with a license, has to pay up to a winner: 1.5 million guilders plus all his (court) costs to get it. Antillephone thought to escape payment by claiming it was a sub-licensee that lost out, but they're not allowed to sub-license.
They can afford it.

They Want More
So do most of us, only, we get less and less. But for the Tax Person it's different of course. They will get the extra money they say they need for a more efficient operation. Translation: to screw us better. Automated, not manually.

PNP Osepa says there's a brain drain: well-educated people are leaving in drones for greener pastures. To Holland and, now, that's surprising! Bonaire.
Osepa calls it "disturbing". He got that straight. What's really disturbing is why. And you're part of it, Osepa: that would be our government.
Last year, 2227 more left than came in, 1.5% of the total.

Lock Him Up!
Regardless, Shorty has asked the OM public ministry for a paying arrangement. They haven't responded yet.

Bordello Campo Alegre, soon to be auctioned, didn't take the trouble to produce yearly accounts. (Even our government does; if only after a fashion.) "The management didn't trouble to run an administration." Small wonder; would you register all those illegal deals with money laundering, drug dealings and who knows what other crimes?
The daily turnover was 20K guilders, or 7 million/year. But that would be whoring only, plus I'd guess the bar and such.
Once again I can only remark "Don't try this at home." How the fuck did they get away with this for all those years? Small wonder our BLeaders want the place reopened.

Please Don't Laugh
Bad luck, Shorty. You'll have to come up with the total over 1.8 guilders or you'll have to join the Prisoners' Gang for the full 3 years anyway. The OM public ministry accepts no installment payment plan.
So after all, it's to the good: pay up to help him, you suckers; so we'll have more money in the anti-crime fund.

No Problema
Shorty, whose Orco bank account has been blocked, was able to open two foreign account to enable suckers to pay up for his misdeeds. If you want to know more details, please look elsewhere.

To Be Continued
Bordello Campo Alegre will be auctioned off June 21, expected proceeds 8.9 guilders (lower than previously thought). That money would go to the OM public ministry's anti-criminality fund.
M*F*K party has already announced there's nothing against continuing the whoring activities. Plus money laundering and all that? We'll have to see.
A workgroup has been installed to check on all that: further illegal activities. The group will report in March, I take it, next year. Gee, I wonder how much the workgroup members get paid.

Coho Postponed
Parliaments of Aruba, Curaçao and St. Maarten will get one more week to (dis)approve the Coho deal. Which promises to delay the whole shot for several more months.
It will be interesting to see who'll blink first.

Hold It There
It's not sure yet if the spoiled brats will get their vacation money, we hear now. Only, their trade unions merely still have to accord the decision; then they will get it anyway. So count on it.
Correct: the government has decided to turn back the 12.5% salary cut. Gee, and I here thinking they were still protesting its application.

Stop Me if You Heard this One Before
Education needs to be reformed, says the inspector. A familiar tune for years, but nothing happens.

Not Sporting
A soccer player has been shot right before a match in SDK sports center. Some 30 empty cartridges were found; he was hit by 10 bullets and expired not long later. It's a disgrace! several cars around were hit by bullets as well.
On the other hand, this sportsman is said to have been involved with two murders; he was arrested for one and illegal gun possession, and released a few months ago.

More Money
The spoiled brats will get their vacation money this year. Last year they didn't, now they'll get 3% or possibly even 4%!

Orco Bank has stopped transferring the donations to Shorty's account. Looks like he'll be in for the duration?
Not so fast, he's fighting back "by means of summary proceedings." By now, 40,000 guilders (just over 2%) have been donated, of which 30,000 went direct to the Public Persecution Service.
Doesn't look good. For Shorty.

Orco Bank, where ex-PM Shorty has an account, is supposed to report his donations to Meldpunt ongebruikelijke transacties [Reporting point unusual transactions], set up to prevent money laundering and all that.
Shorty says his 8-year old daughter has informed him that God is helping him. How does she know? Huh? And he will spend the 1.8 million for people who need it. Like Shorty h.h.

Kinderoord [children's place] Brakkeput is in trouble. Reason, in 2018 their subsidy was cut by 15%. (Compare with the spoiled brats 12.5% cut which still hasn't been carried through.) A 2021 Teleton fetched 13,000 guilders (compare again). The director is talking with government reps. Hey, we all know: talk is cheap. One of them, infamous Larmonie-Cecilia, says the Kinderoord should start managing their own affairs instead of keeping asking for money. Look who's talking.

Suckers Galore
Well, not that many... Ex-PM Shorty claims he has received 21,000 guilders already to pay his fine. Not enough by a long way, in fact just over 1% of what he needs; but "donations are pouring in"—he says.
On the social media, a film has been released combining his plea for support with a list of people he has robbed, for how much.
His by now ex-moll Cicely has not spent an hour in the calaboose. As yet?
The magic date on which Shorty has to pay is May 12; a week from now. Maybe he can use the money he gets to bribe prison guards while locked up.

One More Mess
Now containers seem to be stuck on the quays, stacked up of course, because there are not enough chassis available to transport them. That's what the customs people say. Whose fault, then, is that? The transporters', as I figure. But what do I know?
So naturally they are angry and have started actions.

Oh Dear
The tourist biz may be running better than ever, but from comments you hear from the suckers, this may not last long. The complaint is that Curaçao is much too expensive. Which of course is quite true, and will only get worse these days.

It's a Lie!
Is what M*F*K minister Mudbelly Cooper has to say on rumors that he was involved in the sale of FKP social housing houses to a private enterprise. The rumors appear on the so-called "social media". But for some unfathomable reason, many if not most people seem to believe them. Who could explain that?
That private enterprise allegedly has connections with Corendon hotel, which will renovate the buildings and house people in there.

Move It, Silly
Cft financial supervision has given finance minister Silly Vain until May 13 to adapt the proposed budget to Cft's requirements. Like, what is the government planning to do about "Control of the costs"? Good question. Reply? Wait a week or so, then we'll get one. Maybe. More maybe, even a good one.

Tourist Taxes
The country loses about 1.5 million guilders/month on taxes, because many tourists stay at locations that don't pay. It would be simple to charge those renters, as all tourists fill out the info where they'll be staying on arrival. But the Tax Person never bothered to check that out.

What's the Use
... of having them around, then? CBS statistics is unable to give figures on inflation. The business world is surprised, which is not surprising. With imports mainly from the USA and Holland, where inflation is 8.5% and 11% (if not more) inflation in imported as well.
CBS blames the problems on the "enormous bureaucracy" in the government, which again is no surprise.
VBC entrepreneurs' club wonders how the government can negotiate on the 12.5% salary cut for spoiled brats, when nobody knows what's really going on.

Sounds Great—But Wait
Yup, it will take a few years. No doubt about that. But it's a definite start, and for once, in the right direction.
It's the Daily Mail quoting an article in Nature: an enzyme has been found that will consume PET plastic, which constitutes 12% of the mountains of garbage filling our landfills and drifting around in the seas. And fast, too.
Now the Daily Mail certainly is not the worlds's most reliable source, but Nature is another matter.
Building on this discovery, an end to the Asphalt Lake and Isla refinery ground pollution looks definitely possible. If in the future. I have been speculating on this in the past.

Poor Baby's Chutzpah
Ex-PM M*F*K Shorty has to pay his 1.8 million guilders fine for fraud, and more, next week, or it's back to the slammer; for three more years. He's now asking the public to please help him avoid this, because he has always meant so well. No kidding... If he can find 100 suckers to pay him 18,000 guilders, he'll be saved. Or 200 for 9,000; whichever comes first.
Don't count on me, Shorty.

Oh Joy
For me, but maybe not so much for some others.
Back in business after much struggle and strife to move the site to a new server.
Might Possibly
Economic development minister Cijntje has been visiting Miami, with two reps of Curaçao Port Authority, adding to the growing list. He's enthusiastic about a meeting he had with Carnival Lines, where it turned out that it might be possible to have local people work about cruise ships on their visit here.

The ministries of health and environment will maintain strict pollution norms for the reboot of Isla refinery. More stringent than WHO's, we're told. Frankly, I have no idea how stringent those are. Let us hope for the best, what else can we do?

So Much for Auntie
Remember how auntie Sushi wanted the population of Curaçao doubled? More people means, more tax and more to steal use, after all. Well, a real scientist, Gert Oostindie, comments on the recent CBS figures of a changing population. For starters, half of Curaçao people lives in Holland already, and the trend to move out is growing again. But, says the prof., there's just no room on the island for more people. The solution would rather be better schooling and after-school education, thus avoiding a continued brain drain.

Ten months later, we finally have a government program. No matter, after all these years we're quite used to the fact that very little of it will be accomplished.
"The government will at all times put the people's interest in the first place." That's nice to read. Would be a change for sure.

The Road That Leads Nowhere
The entire parliament has voted to continue the negotiations on the Coho support deal. Our precious independence!
No matter that the former Bhillie government and the present Prickie coalition have accorded the deal. Only marks on paper.

But How Then?
Some professor (forget who) gives as his opinion that we shouldn't call the Venezuelan immigrants "illegal". Sure, prof, anything you say.
But that doesn't make them "legal". So please tell us, what word should we use?

So There
The Curaçao Think to Do Institute has recently published the results of a look into the FSI Fragile States Index. On a list of 179 countries, we're at 144. Not good. I'll spare you the recommendations, for one reason because my guess is they won't be followed up.
Why not? For one thing, the Institute thinks the Coho deal is a good thing.

Good? Bad?
We get to read that end June/begin July a definite agreement will be signed with some party on the take-over of Isla refinery. This is not the first time, by a long way. It's expected (not hoped) that by 2020-QIV the funnels will smoke again. But the use of pitch crude, say, asphalt, as an energy source will be stopped and instead LNG will be used.
Also, we now read that there are three candidates left: one from South America, one from the Middle East. The other one? you ask. So do we.
We're further told that the refinery is in a pretty good competitive position because so many have been closed down, and Isla still is in a decent state. Nevertheless, it's expected reboot will take until end 2023.
And now the fossil-fuel LNG is called "sustainable"? Also, does this mean we're stuck with the Asphalt Lake in secula secularum?

Virus Woes
Still around: total deaths now 273; new infections down (again) to 317, still over 12%.

Crime, Inc.
The crooks are doing fine, thank you! We're back to almost daily atrakos, burglaries and car thefts.

Big Surprise!
Amigoe newspaper has it on the front page: "Exploitation refinery as good as completed." The story is, there are two Venezuelan partners involved. Ouch?! Parts of the refinery may be rebooted in June, but it may take a while longer before "smoke is coming out of the funnels." How nice to read it put ominously like that! Bullenbaai Oil Terminal is also in the picture.
But Economic Development minister Cijntje says he hasn't seen anything black-on-white; PM Prickie is responsible.
This should save KTK towing as well.

Oh, Nice
Dutch VVD party wants to lower the threshold for St. Maarten and Curaçao leaving the kingdom. We won't need no referendum, mon, not even a 2/3 majority in parliament. Don't panic (yet), this has been proposed before.
And in one fell swoop, if the BES islands, now part of Holland, want to leave that will be made easier as well.

Another minister went on a trip, this time to Suriname. Minister Hato, for a High Level Security Conference. The delegation, how large it is we're not told, comes back next Sunday.

78 workers have been fired by Damen Ship Repair. Much to the surprise of the government, we read. Don't they follow the media?
Now for the riots? I hope, not.

Just a Quote
From Curaçao Chronicle: and I advise you to hear, hear. Or read, read; for the happy few among us who can:
Council of State: Kingdom is not self-evident

Makes You Think
VBC entrepreneurs' club states, among many other interesting things, that if the Curaçao economy doesn't grown with 25%, we can forget about the autonomy achieved in 2010.
So forget it, already?

That Will Help
Two Curaçao ministers are now protesting Holland's attitude in the Damen Shiprepair affair. "That's not how you treat people!" they tell the media, asking for more protests and unrest. Even if they're partly right, it just might be preferable to strike a less enflaming attitude.
Meanwhile, the police are preparing for the riots they expect. Everybody who wants to enter downtown Punda is asked what he's there for, to avoid ugly scenes like we had in the recent past.

Do Us a Favor
... Don't come back. Six parliament members will go on a trip, this time to Colombia; in connection with auntie Sushi's cannabis project. For visiting an exhibition on medical marihuana.

60 Million... Poof
So much, just about one third of the total, has to paid back to Holland right away from the Liquidity Support, Coho or not.
"Because the Netherlands did not offer lower interest rates in 2020," says bearded PM Prickie. As if Holland had any obligation to do that.

Just What We Needed
Damen Shipyards/CDM-DOK staff is on strike because of the expected mass layoff; to be announced today.
Only 2 of the 4 dry-docks are in use; the story is they were in bad condition already when they arrived here—with a lot of fanfare. 65 of the 265 workers may have to be fired. The government is willing to invest $20 million, on condition Damen does so too. But the company is in trouble.
Next, riots and arson? By now we're used to that.

KTK towing is in trouble as well; kept hanging on until the refinery reopens, which is delayed time and time again. If ever.
But the Tax Persons get their overtime paid.

Who's That?
Now PAN party wants a referendum on the Coho deal: parliament should give the power in this decision back to the people. We're not told, and PAN certainly has no idea, how much that would cost. Look PAN, our government accorded and signed and that should be it. That's what we're supposed to have continuity in government for.
PAN even has a date already: 10-10-2022. Twelve years after the Great Date... Good reminder to all of us how precious our autonomy is and how much good it did.

No Dollar, But Guilder
They seem to have made up their minds. We'll get a Caribbean guilder instead of the old Antillean one, and will not change to the US Dollar as coin. They = the Central Bank, of course. Now wait for the clamoring by the non-expert know-better amateurs to start.

Oh Yeah?
They're telling us there are other ways to achieve the 12.5% salary cut for the Spoiled Brats. They want to cut higher salaries more than the lower ones. Fine with me.
But will it work? You can hear 'em squeaking already.

Now That...
The Curçao government thinks Holland charges too much interest on their loans; without telling us how much. They'd rather get it interest-free, of course. Large part of the support in fact is free of interest.
Or still much better, pay-back free.
They government right away had to pay back 60 million guilders on interest from the new loans. You know what? Don't borrow so much.

Schools Merge
Because many schools are partly empty (average 31%), the possibility of merging them is looked into. This is an easy way to save some real money.

Dolphin Slavery
Not Dutchie, the Seaquarium's Boss. They are considering exporting 5 dolphins to Saudi Arabia's Fakieh aquarium, which doesn't have such a good name for treating the animals. Protests are underway, but will they help? I'm afraid we all know the answer to that.

We're moving the site to another server, so by the time you'll read this, oor comments are behind the times a bit. Sorry! Thanks a lot anyway for coming back.

That, Too
Not only do the Spoiled Brats still absolutely refuse to accept a 12.5% salary cut, we're getti9ng more and more of the pests. More than we were promised. Aren't you surprised? No?
Then you probably expected what's now been confirmed: looks like the government is on another delaying tactic with the Coho deal. Just push it ahead of you and eventuallu, the other side will get tired and forget about it. This has much too often worked in the past. This time, I'm not so sure. I hope.

Give Us More
Staten/parliament's travel budget has been augmented to pre-Virus levels; they get 50,000 guilders/year now which is 260K more than they were getting during the past few years; almost double.
Let's face it, they need it.

The Virus
Total deaths now, 271; 8 patients in hospital; 501 infections (still over 13%).

Well, Maybe
Ex-PAR minister Alcalá-Wallé has published a book La Puerta [the Gate] in which she describes the attacks in court by her political adversaries. Of course they're all false! she claims. It has cause enormous damaged to Bhillie's cabinet, and even culminated in a criminal prosecution.
Too bad we don't read how that ended. But maybe the show is still on.
The minister went under the popular alias KLM-Wallé because of the many flights, in function of course, she made to Holland, where her children live.

No Go
Our minister of Health will, after all, not depart for Palau. She has yet another Virus infection; which she denies.
So our ocean will not be saved. Tough.
But no worries, minister Silly Vain and Central Bank director Doornbosch will be visiting Washington for some IMF deal.

Right On
PAR, now opposition party, has no good words about the idea of 2 million more for the running of Staten/parliament per year. No matter, it will be accorded anyway.

Strong Doubts
"About the reality of the 2022 budget" (CFT financial supervision) How do they think up things like that? We're solid like a rock and don't need any more neo-colonial Coho support!
That's not the only problem, what do you think? Our Bleeders also conveniently forgot the island has to pay back 140 million in 2025 for a 2010 loan.

Nice Work, and She Got It
Health minister Pietersz-Janga is off to Palau, Micronesia for a 2-day conference on The Ocean. However, she departed 4 days before the conference starts and will only return 5 days after it's closed.

Dutch AMRO Bank offers deepfelt apologies for having made money in slavery in the past. But there will be paid no compensations.
Would be pretty hard to do, anyway, let's face it. Who gets compensated, and who not?

Not Impossible
A Dutch constitution expert lawyer has told Dutch parliament that the Coho deal does not interfere with the CAS islands' autonomy. Anyway, if the islands (still) agree with the deal it will go through; if not, support will cease after hearing both sides.

A Bit Extreme?
ACU Credit Union is starting lawsuits against disgruntled members, because they tarnish the image of the organization. On the other hand, Amigoe says that's all wrong, and ACU does not plan to do this.

Oh Goody!
We're getting ready for a new census; after all, it's ten years ago already. Maybe now we will find out how many illegals we have.

For this year, there'll be an amount of 14 million guilders available for road repairs. A far cry from what Mudbelly Cooper said is needed: 300-500 million.
Be thankful for small favors, and prepare to buy new tires and shock absorbers.

Sure, Why Not?
After all, we've plenty of money... rolling in it. So, let Staten/parliament have their own building. They're now spread out over (at least) three locations in downtown Punda, with the opposition nicely separated from the coalition. (Does this mean that with a different election outcome they'll all have to move? That costs money as well.)
For now, we'll have a committee to look into the possibilities. For which there's a budget of 60,000 guilders; which partly answers our usual question.

The End of the Affair?
To quote another well-known source, maybe "the beginning of the end". And maybe not. The assets of giant bordello Campo Alegre will be auctioned off. They're held by a British Virgin Islands company, which used Campo to launder drug dealing money and who knows what else. It took years of investigation to get to the truth.
And now our government considers reanimating that stinking corpse.

It's culturally endemic... Now the 3 police unions are protesting the appointment of one Jules Ilario as chief of police. They filed a lawsuit against against the government, the Minister of Justice, and the governor. The appointment took place without an application procedure.

Better and Better
PNP claims M*F*K PM Prickie never told them about his letter to Holland protesting the Coho deal, and wishing to renegotiate it. Not that she doesn't agree with the contents. Sigh... another one going back on their given word.

You Know?
Tomorrow the 4th Virus booster prick will start in the old SEHOSpital. We've had three, and my partner got infected anyway. What's the use? I'll skip. This has long since begun to look like superstition.
Not to mention side effects, which may be exaggerated and/or pooh-poohed. I lack sufficient information to judge on that.
"Reduces the risk by 50%; for 4 to 6 weeks."

More of the Same
Mermaid Trips, organizing boat trips to Klein Curaçao, has been sold. And now we may get a new problem. Mermaid has been building, illegally of course, on a terrain totaling 3000 m^2 there. They first had a concession to use 625 m^2, which was ended by Domeinbeheer. Who cares? Mermaid just went on. You have to know here, Klein Curaçao is protected under Ramsar. Again, who cares? It's our culture!
Question looming up: what will be the attitude of Mermaid's buyer? Next question: when will the government start controlling the islet? When fish have wings... Oh, some do, don't they?

Oh... So That's It?
The Weird Beard M*F*K PM Prickie has no other choice but to renegotiate the Coho deal with Holland: if it is accepted as-is, he will lose his parliament majority and might as well abdicate at once. At least, that's what Curaçao Chronicle opines, and I feel they're probably right.
For one thing, Prickie didn't even bother to tell his PNP coalition partners about his infamous letter to Staatssecretaris van Huffelen: they read all about it in the media.

Won't Work, Silly
More and more, instead of less and less, are coming in on illegal trash dumping and, maybe even worse, burning. The smoke poisons neighborhoods. Good luck if you happen to have lung problems! Who cares? Not the dumpers, that's for sure. "It's our Culture!"
Now minister Silly Vain wants to enable the people to dump free at the Malpais Landfill once a week. Which means they have to take it there, meaning a 2-hour car trip, easy. You think that will help? Hey! I have this antique pontoon bridge for sale. Cheap.

Good and Bad
Opposition in Staten/parliament has no good words for Weird Beard PM Prickie. They call his attitude on Coho a "clown shown" (hey, where did you get this from?): first he accords it before sending it to parliament, and then he starts obstructing the deal. While he really should defend it in parliament. But M*F*K Doran praises Prickie for his courage. "He has listened to the voice of the people." Doubtful in the first place, what the people thinks of this.
Mark my words, all this won't change a bit. M*F*K has decided the Coho deal impairs our precious autonomy, which they don't want. Rather continue stealing.

The Dutch are considering introducing army conscription. They have 9000 canon-fodder bodies less than needed. My, helps you understand Trump's complaints that the European countries don't fulfill their NATO-obligations. In my time, us Slaves to Queen Juliana were forced to stick it out for 2 whole years: despite the Nieuw Guinea problem the Dutch NATO contingent had to be fulfilled regardless.
Indonesian PM Sukarno dreamed of uniting Malaysia, New Guinea, the Philippines and who knows what else in one country, of which he of course would be Big Boss. The UN thought it a fine idea. But somehow, Papua New Guinea and the others never made it. Weren't Dutch, got it?
But take heart, girls: as from August here you may become part of the local militia. A not even unexpected consequence of the Feminist Fight. Congrats! At least, you're not conscripted—yet.

Nothing to It
That complaint about police misconduct? Looks like unfounded. Yes, I know the cops are always ready to claim that—so are the victims. The way a bystander describes it, a policeman was having a quite normal conversation with a woman, when her son started mixing in. With a joint in his big fat mouth. Talk about tactful... So the cop flipped that joint away, which got translated as "he punched him in the face."

End to Solidarity
Staten/parliament has enlarged their budget with 10%, back to the 2019 level of 21.4 million. Back then, the budget was reduced for "solidarity" with the people's Virus hardship. As if that's over now.
But I admit, that's more than the Spoiled Brats &c. have been prepared to turn in: nothing. Zilch.

Oh, It's Like That
Members of ACU Ambtenaren Credit Union are protesting, because the board has been in function for for or five years, while there haven't been any members' meetings all that time. Director Davelaar shrugs his shoulders as a reaction: "We know who that is" he says.
This may go much deeper than Davelaar suggests.

Virus Keeps On
484 positive Virus tests out of 3300, or 14.6%: 4 times the safe number. 3 more died, total 270.

Do Tell
The Think to DO Institute publishes a report where Curaçao is described as a fragile state, which "appears to be in a perpetual political, and socio-economic limbo that can last for years and, in several cases, decades."
Also, characterized by "characterized by distrusted governments, fractured societies, insecurity, weak economy, weak institutions, and extreme vulnerability to internal and external shocks."
No kidding; now explain it to our Bleeders. Maybe then they'll shut up. (Maybe.)

There It Is
The Curaçao government wants to renegotiate the Coho deal for Dutch liquidity support loans. It's bad for the autonomous status.
If only they'd thought about that before they agreed. Untrustworthy pirates. But we knew that already.
The letter to Holland, which was sent in secret, has been leaked to the media anyway. That's transparency for you! Only two weeks ago our Bearded Weirdo PM told us all that upon refusal, we'd lose even more autonomy because then we'd get an aanwijzing. So let's have it.

Like, WHAT?!
The large-scale illegal building activities in a conservation area have been going on for 13 years, writes Amigoe newspaper. You don't need a machine to figure that's even from before 10-10-10.
Now the illegals are complaining that the police treated them badly; which the cops deny. And the illegals are ready and willing to help legalize the fruits of their investments. Gee, we all wish they'd thought of that before they were, finally, caught with their pants down.
Anarchy reigns. I'm prepared to bet in the end they will get what they want from our weakling B. Leaders.
What this needs is a thorough criminal investigation.

I Like That
Aqualectra has signed an agreement with Eagle, Texas for the supply of LNG to feed their generators. This will come in via a terminal of Aruba Refinery. A different cry from the so-called green windmills and solar panels they were full of (and maybe still are).

I'd Like That Myself, Too
Now it's them... VBC Curaçao entrepreneurs' club wants new negotiations between Curaçao and Holland on the Coho support loans. These should come as gifts, not loans says VBC. We are all part of the Kingdom and should be treated just like the BES island (Bonaire, St. Eustatius, Saba). Looks maybe good until you consider that Curaçao opted for an autonomous status.

Pretty Bad
An enormous illegal project of house-building has been discovered and, for now, stopped. The way I figure, it's about 7 hectare large (about 18 acres), with some 90 buildings in the process of just being started to almost finished. Plots look like they have been measured by professional surveyors.
The whole thing is largely in a so-called conservation area.
You wonder how this is possible? It's easy! Some money must have changed hands in the past to enable what must have been an organization to set this up. Too bad they don't seem to have been paying dues to follow-up with the government change last year. Or can you think of a different, if not better, explanation?
Looks like the plots have been sold, illegally. Complete with public notary's acts and all? For which you'd need a cadastral measurement note? Very good questions!

At Least
Mudbelly Cooper says that repairing the Cueraçao roads will cost 300-500 million guilders. That's a rather big difference.
Don't worry, there's more than enough money to be made on that amount. I don't give no details on how, mon, last thing I need is going to court for slander. But everybody can figure it out for themselves.

The government will look to the public sector through a magnifying glass, we read. One of the things calling for our attention: the spoiled brats' salaries will be stopped when they have wrongly been receiving a salary, and a start will be made with a firing procedure.
Also, there will be a investigation on the efficiency of SOEs. "Does the public sector serve public interests and are the objectives achieved?" Also a good question!

RMR kingdom ministerial council has asked Aruba and Curaçao to introduce the maximum salaries of high SOE functionaries per July 1st. Even though this has been accorded, no steps have been taken to execute it (max salary 130% of the PM's).
The 12.5% spoiled brats' salary cut also is still under discussion by our government. They'll never give in; but we'll see about that.

Sorry, Guys
SER social-economic council wanted to give the mini-bus drivers a price raise, but decided not to. SER says present tariffs are much too high already. And consumers complain the service is rotten. So there.

Can't Blame Them
Fuel stations refuse to sell under the government's maximum prices; and why should they? They make very little per liter as it is: 17.53 cents.
This also goes for Curoil, official sole gas importer, which exploits 4 stations; each with an extra margin of 11.13 cents/liter.

Of Course
The illegal car junk dealers, many of whom sell stolen car parts, say it's governments departments as well who are their customers. Naturally; the poor babies have no money. And they're thieves anyway.
So it's a choice; pay more tax or run a larger chance to have your car stolen.

Let's Hope So
The police have announced they will take firm action against polluters, who dump trash all over. As we all know. Not only do the tourists get a bad [if correct] impression, it's bad for our people as well.
The community must carry part of the responsibility and take care the island gets clean, says minister of Health Pietersz-Janga. As I remarked before: but it's our culture!

That's Competition, Folks
The bakers complain about "dishonest competition" by minimarkets, who have less personnel cost and thus can sell bread cheaper than the bakers do. The bakers want the fixed bread price of 1.50 per kipashi [sliced bread] go up to 3.50.
My question is, how come those supermarkets can sell that same bread for the present fixed price and make a profit? They pay the same higher price for Russian and Ukrain wheat. So...?

Ain't That Great
In its eternal wisdom our Great Government has decided to cut 24 whole cents from the car gas price. That's out of their 69 cents tax per liter. There's plenty to spare anyway as sales tax is expected to hit a total of 509 million instead of 450 m guilders.
Price for gas will still be 2.40 and for diesel 2.23 per liter.

And Then There Were Three
That's how many interested parties are now left in the Isla refinery take-over game, out of 20 and then 6. A decision on who's the lucky winner will be taken "midst of the year" (pretty vague, right?)
Of course, we're not told any of the company names. That's transparency, folks!

Yes, We Agree
We didn't need MAN's Pinhead Martina to tell us that the government's plans to pay back the Coho loans aren't worth the envelopes they're written on. Maybe the government will listen, you say?
As if they have an idea at all what to do.

Or contradictio in terminis: Cyberluck gambling company has adopted a "responsible gaming code" for both gamblers and gambling enablers. It doesn't mean much: strong measures will be taken against companies that are not physically in Curaçao. Cyberluck's ceo says this gives our gambling instututes a bad name. "Wrongly" she says.
And not only this.

Wised Up?
4 out of 18 base schools have announced they'll switch from Papiamento to Dutch as instruction language. Local Papiamento just doesn't make it in secondary education, say those who oughta know.
Which means 5 out of 27 schools will use Dutch, and 1 English as instruction language.
For the pupils at those 22 other schools, tough, kids. But remember, you don't have to follow a secondary education to make a living from crime.

So Would We
APR Aliansa pro Refineria wants to know how far the governments plans for an Isla refinery take-over have proceeded. For better or worse, APR has a new candidate, from Rotterdam Holland, which is prepared to invest 10 billion. (1 to 2 billion are urgently needed.)
Of the 20 candidates mentioned before, 6 are still in the game; and there's enough crude around to get the refinery back to work; like from Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname. Plus Trinidad.

Hope It Works
New implementation plan in the works. Should start next quarter of the year. One of the things, maybe one of the least vague, is there must be found a way to arrive at an approved accountant's statement on the yearly Curaçao financial statements.
After all those years.

More Coming
Inflation will be even worse that formerly predicted, says Central Bank. Quelle surprise! We knew it all the time. Now it's said to become 4.9% for Curaçao. You wanna bet it won't be higher? No? I thought so...
More good news: the €uro will go down relative to the US$ which will cause Europeans to think twice before they come over here.

Lié Lié
CBCS central bank director Doornbosch may mean well, I hope, when he advises that the structural deficits of the island governments must be corrected by a "poko-poko" [easy does it] approach. But he's asking for more trouble. Trouble for us. All those Bleeders have had time enough—more than enough—for that, and it only kept growing worse.

Over—and Out
The changes in the Statuut on kingdom relations which were supposed to be discussed in Dutch parliament next May will most probably be forgotten and discarded. So I don't have to get into the ugly details. We're stuck with the same old, same old.

Give Us More Time
The government is working on a lot of things, which have to be "fundamentally" resolved before action can be taken. It's only about the labor market, education, the CMC hospital, ministry of social affairs' subsidy politics, domain management, criminality fund, and better functioning of the government's organization.
And we here wondering if all that will be finished before we get a new set of crooks. In fact, all that should have been fixed many decades ago. And in that same vein, ABVO and SSK trader unions are still whining that the 12.5% salary cuts for government personnel (so-called Spoiled Brats) is unnecessary and should be forgotten.
And to top it off, KEM party is wasting everybody's time by protesting the Coho deal with the European parliament. Holland is forcing us to borrow more and more, while demanding more and more in turn. Gee, and me thinking it was the other way around.

Just What We Needed
PdVSA has entered a bid for take-over Isla refinery exploitation, after they left it behind in a rotten state in 2019 when their contract expired. Another Venezuelan company is in the running as well. In total, there are 20 parties interested now. At least, that's what the government says.
Who also promised a definite agreement would have been reached by the end of March. April Fool!

Gee, a Committee!
This one will have weekly meetings, also with trade unions, to look at personnel management problems in the tax dept. They have a long list of items which I'll spare you. We're not told how many members the committee will have. But they're supposed to accomplish all that before a year from now.
Gee, I wonder how much they pay those committee members.

Yeah, Well...
In Dubai, a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the World Free Zones Organization and Curaçao. WFZO will advise Curinde on automation and robotization of logistics and industrial processes, as they do in 3000 other Free Zones all over the world. Dubai port, already building a harbor in Suriname, "showed interest to study the possibilities in Curaçao."

There We Go Again
Health minister Pietersz-Janga announces this year there will be an immense island cleaning campaign. This will be coupled with an awareness campaign so the island won't turn back into an trash heap right away, again. Not the first time such a thing is planned, by a long way.
Do nothing for lack of money is not an option, says the minister.
What can we do but wish her good luck? "It's our culture!"

Saved by the Bell
SEHOSpital foundation is not declared bankrupt; they got suspension of payment [surséance van betaling] instead.
But CMC new hospital has a deficit of 4 tot 5 million guilders per month, and thus is on the edge of bankruptcy as well. The government pays far too little for the service quality delivered, which is in court now. CMC still gets paid according to a 2001 tariff list.

For Now
AirBnB will be paying sales tax directly to Curaçao government, as from later this year. However, it's just a plan for a new law. Also, AirBnB is just one of many agencies. Still, CHATA and CASHA think it's a good thing.

Happy Days Are Here Again
THE US CDC has lifted all Virus cruise travel restrictions. Prepare for a busy inflow!
If not money, then at least tourists.
Yesterday there were 10,000 tourists (day trippers) around in town. This month, 55,000 are expected. What fun!
Only non-US citizens must still show a proof of vaccination.

Good Point
Someone, musta been an ultra-right fascist bastard conservative, pointed it out: men who say they are women compete in women's sports, and win prizes; but for some undiscernible reason, women who say they are really men do not compete in men's sports.

Oh, Great
We'll have to pay 16 cents less per liter of car gas, because some form of tax has been reduced. Count your blessings (it won't take long).
It may be somewhat more or less than 16 cents, this is from memory.

Fired, Anyway
The director of the Humanistic Erasmo college has been fired, after he, after all, was not convicted of rape and fornication of a girl pupil. But this time, the judge thought the school was right, and he remains fired.

Good News?
Mudbelly Cooper wants to fight illegal building. I forget how many times I've heard a minister declare that already; doesn't mean a thing.
Except maybe, those who have plans must pay somebody before they go ahead? It's an idea.

Poor Baby
Plenpot in Holland Manuel has hired a lawyer to get a blogger to rectify what he wrote about him. He doesn't like it. The blogger, Godfried Adem, wrote on FakeBooc that Manuel's staff sits there "twiddling their thumbs" while he fires F&F to do lucrative jobs.
Sorry, I can't tell you who's gonna pay the lawyer. Maybe it will come out in the wash.

Went to get a new Sédula yesterday, cost 15 guilders. This Ausweis is prescribed by law. So you have to show your driver's license to ID yourself; plus the old sédula. Seems sort of superfluous, isn't that old thing valid anymore as it hasn't expired yet?
But it went amazingly fast, have to admit it.
Now the new one is valid for 5 years; while the drivers' license is valid for ten. But that's an international thing. You can't expect our bureaucrazy to keep up with all them changes.

Recycling We Will Go
Not much longer. At Centrum Piscadera supermarket is one of those bins. It has 4 holes, and you have to select carefully which one you select: softdrinks clear, blue or other colors; aluminum cans; and other bottles, like used for cleaning fluids. In that hole you have to discard the tops of softdrink-bottles as well. Have to throw all that in one by one. Took me all in all some ten minutes to get rid of the lot.
And some overly full, and all too filthy to touch. Thank you, Green Force! More like Brown Farce.

My, How Times Have Changed
A quote from Ed McBain's 2005 novel Alice in Jeopardy. Only 17 years ago...
"... this is a perfectly reasonable question to ask in law enforcement, where a person's color or lack of it might be a clue to the person himself or herself—yes, and how about that, for example? For example, is it wrong to ask if a person is a man or a woman? Is that profiling, too? You can carry all this stuff just so far."

As Expected
The government wants to get rid of the 12.5% cut in personnel salaries as needed to get the Coho support deal. Finance minister Silly Vain claims we have plenty of money... plenty. So there we go again.
They never learn their lesson, do they?
Meanwhile, Central Bank CBCS has lowered the economic expectations for this year. Which we voting cattle saw coming all the time. But we are no highly paid experts; au contraire, we pay up.

Why Only Now?
Good question. Aqualectra has (finally; after 6 years) paid off the money we all pay monthly for trash collection to... not Selikor, that would be too simple. No, to the government, who will pay Selikor the money they need. We all hope.

Broke and Bankrupt
Aqualectra says the old SEHOSpital has a debt of 3.7 million guilders and they have no more patience. No payments are flowing in. The Country and the Tax Person also claim enormous amounts from the Saint Elisabeth Foundation, for a total of (Aqualectra says) 101 million guilders. Which possibly may be reduced to 40 million by the real estate value.

That's What You Say
Now... Finance minister Silly Vain says no more liquidity support from Holland will be needed. I say, wait and see.

Same All Over
Now it's UoC university that's falling apart, because there has been no maintenance money for years. First renovation phase will cost 350,000 guilders. And no doubt, following then some.

Thanks for Letting Us Know
A press release (really! Would I kid you?) tells us that one of the highlights of our reps' visit to Dubai was the High-Level Sheik Horse Race Dubai World Cup 2022 where there was high-level networking going on. Serious business! Good thing "our" guys must have had enough sejourn money for high-stakes gambling, so they wouldn't have felt left out.
What am I saying? With their sumptuous salaries they have enough money anyway. More than enough.

Cultural Trend
It's a trend: burglars first steal some heavy equipment and then go on to use it for a heist. This time it was the Fire Dept. and the Central Post Office (in that order) where they got 50,000 guilders from a safe. A larger and presumably heavier safe they couldn't open.
Don't they have night security over there? Now I understand how many mail items never arrive! "Gone with the Wind" - "Without a Trace"

106 Containers
After having been stuck in Jamaica for 2 months, they will now be arriving in Curaçao.
Shipowners prefer shipping to larger countries, because of high fuel prices and a shortage of tonnage. So much for our much vaunted mini container terminal, with which some optimists dreamed we would rival Hong-Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. To name but a few.

Jes Fine, Ma'am
As from now, or rather a bit earlier, every adult Curaçao inhabitant is entitled to open a bank account. It should be available 10 days after applying for it. But if you have committed an economic delict (laundering, fraud, scams) you're out.
Leaves the question unanswered how much such an account is going to cost you.

Here's Your Answer
FPK consumers' union wants to hear from the government what plans they have to fight the expected price increases caused by the Unkraine war.
The answer is "None"—at least, none that will work.

So That's "Plan B"
M*F*K finance minister Silly Vain has published three ways to get out from under the Dutch Coho conditions. Sparing you the details, 1 won't work because the money (1 billion guilders) will then be stuck in the Central Bank CBCS. Same for 2: a crisis levy of 5% for financial institutions to pay, which they may not charge to their customers. Forget it, they're in trouble enough already, says Silly Vain. The there's 3, the (in)famous Plan B: financial institutions deposit money in a government account, for which they'll get 1% extra interest. But, says Silly (you don't mind me calling you by your first name, do you?), that costs 50 million guilders a year and the government doesn't have that money.
My conclusion, the government has no way to get out from under the Coho deal. My opinion: good.

Aw, Get Lost
Auntie Sushi is now claiming the new Coho deal (loans from Holland) is in conflict with the Statuut principles. Three basic ones of them, nonetheless.
"We are doomed to fail," she exclaims. Well, auntie, we failed already; may I say "spectacularly"? And thanks to you, too. As the Dutch are wont to joke, snappez-vous?

So DO We
CRA restaurant owners' club finds the price increases "worrying". Right. Hard to raise prices, as restaurants are already considered expensive, CRA says. So do we. And it will become worse. What else is new?

Go Get Them
But it will cost... 16,000 people (includes minors) who have left the island since 2018 have also left behind tax debts of 36.8 million guilders. Now the Tax Dept. is going after 'em.
Time for remarking that in that same period we were forced to start two court procedures, maybe more, against the same Tax Dept. Which were canceled by that same Dept. before they came in court. Just wasting their, our, and your money.
Not that we'll have to pay less when they catch those guys. Dream on...

Enjoy the Trip with my Tip
It has been figured out that driving with airco off and windows open instead, does not save any fuel. Because of aerodynamics. This naturally only works with a bit higher speeds. But downtown, where you can't drive fast in the first place, it's hard not to use your airco. It's a godsend!
So forget the government's advice and use it.

Only Two?
During a multitude of checks, of which I'll spare you the details, only 2 fines were given for noise disturbance. Oh no, not fines; warnings. We're not told if they helped any. As long as the inspectors were around I'd say, yes. But afterwards?

Still Around
Two new virus deaths now, total 467. The 2 were in CMC hospital.
Since 2 weeks, travelers from all over the world may enter Curaçao freely without any tests or other restrictions.

Forget It, Guys
Fisherpersons in Marie Pompoen have gone to court to try and get rid of the jet-skis, which they say prevent the masbangu/mackerel from spawning there. But the judge thought that the jet-ski pest had hardly existed in the Virus time, with almost no tourists, and there were no masbangus to catch anyway.
It doesn't really matter, as it's the same all over the world: fisherpersons and farmers have to go so the tourists can occupy their space.

Here's an Idea
Free, for PM Prickie. Since 2019, China has invested 2.1 billion dollars in Jamaica. From our neighbors, only Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, and Bolivia got more. What are we waiting for? Dubai? Hah! S.O.S... Sell Our Souls!
Jamaica seems to wish cutting ties with the UK and get more independent (sounds familiar?) and might rather opt for the infamous Belt and Road initiative, which has already in fact cost many countries their independence, as they got in heavy debt with China. Talk about neo-colonialism.
Maybe the Jamaicans will now fix the only railroad they had, which was ruined after the British left? Don't count on it.

Impotent, Tiresome
The government advises us to use less airco when driving around and to make shorter trips. That will save us money. We don't need to water our garden every day, either. This at a time when a movement has started to grow your own veggies.
Thanks... for nothing. Not that the government can do more about it; totally beyond their power.

For the Good of the Cause
M*F*K PM Prickie uses just about that term to defend his, and others', recent money-wasting trip to Dubai. He deplores the criticism. It's a Big Chance for Curaçao, he says. Look at Jamaica, where the UAE are investing like crazy (le mot juste).
We also read that he wanted a direct flight CUR-DXB. For which he'd have had to charter a plane, thus wasting even more money. Our money.
The item title of course is that of a Solzhenitsyn 1963 novella. He had seen, and felt, where all that stuff had led to in the USSR.

#We Too!
The minibus drivers are fed up with the high diesel price. They complain the last price adjustment is from 5 years back, and they just can't make ends meet anymore. Lots of them are out of service for lack of maintenance money, and others ride on even while they should in fact be fixed, which calls for trouble.
Maybe worse, those who are still around drive more recklessly, consequently endangering us all. As if they were so fanatically sticking to the rules before.

It's Our Culture
By now, it looks like it. 10,000 kilos of meat have been confiscated at Centrum Supermarket, worth over 100 thousand guilders, far past the expiration date. But Centrum won't be fined; that law stems from 1933 with a max fine of 150 guilders. To collect it would cost far more.
A new law is in the works, we're told. That's a relief!

Take Your Time
Dynaf has introduced an app where you can find all 57 charging points for electric cars, of which there are about 500 now on Curaçao. Charging time averages half an hour, "as long as a supermarket visit." Tough if the point is occupied when you arrive.
Started me wondering about how prices work out, gasoline versus Aqualectra charge. Found out that 1 liter of gasoline produces 8.8kW. Presently 1 liter costs 2.474, and 8.8kW 8.8*06477 = 5.699 guilders. Saka bo som. Both prices may and will change, you're so right.

Yeah, Well...
A St. Maarten parliamentary wants his salary paid out in crypto coins. But it looks like it can't be done. Next, "somebody wants his salary paid out in goats," is one comment. And another one compares the bitcoins to the old Dutch tulip craze—a mania which ended in a disaster.
Boils down to, bitcoins are not legal tender (yet).

That's Good?
Depends... Holland has for a while delayed the pay-back of the recent loans for Covid-relief, until October 2023. That's 911 million guilders for Curaçao. Which probably, surely, means it will become a hot item for our next elections, 2024. Not so good.

Uncool, Unwise
Now it's PAR IJs who's protesting the Coho loan deal with Holland. He says, and it's just the old well-known story, that Coho and Dutch foreign minister get too much to say.
Which is fine with me. Don't leave it to the clumsy fools we have to make do with.
Saying "No" now is premature, IJs concludes. Thank you. I agree. Very much so.
Not that the Dutch are that great, but that's another and different story.

What a Bore
San Sebastian, which is being developed as a rural country side, in consequence allows only one building per plot. Still, a place that was building 14 of them and was stopped by court order, is now claiming they got a permit for those and has resumed building.
Between you and me, I'm convinced myself that they do have those permits. It's happened before and it will happen again, as long as we have people like Mudbelly Cooper in charge.
Hey Cooper, some free advice: if you didn't get your cut, you'd better stop this now.

Now She Comes with That
PAR ex-minister Jesus-Leito proposes to cut up the road tax in smaller portions, to stop discounts for older cars, and to have us pay online. And finally she wants a road fund paid out of those taxes. Too bad there once was one, but she herself abolished it in 2018 when she was minister. At least, that's what a comment claims.
At any rate, she was too busy grabbing money to arrange all that while a minister.

So That's Why It Hurts?
It certainly may be a factor. Chata has been protesting against tax evasion by rent-a-room outfits, and it turns out these are much more popular with tourists than the official hotel industry. Small wonder, anyway: that's not the unfair competition Chata complains about.

That's Only Auntie Talk
Auntie Sushi says the Coho (get money from Holland) law is a big mistake and will lead to trouble. She may be right, but who cares about what she says?

Besides, we already have a new minister of justice. Don't waste your money, Braam.

What We Were Waiting For
Car gas/diesel will go up, and so will water and electricity. This will get worse before it's over, as you don't need telling. And for once, stinking and polluting diesel will cost more than gasoline.

M*F*K Eduard Braam has appealed the court's verdict that excludes him from becoming a minister, for debauchery with a patient conviction in the past. Mulish is the word that comes to mind. A good thing we won't have that guy for a minister. Of justice, none the less.

Don't Celebrate Yet
The downtown parking agreement still has not been signed. In fact, it hasn't even been seen yet. Was supposed to have been arranged in January. Downtown management hopes for a 10 year deal, but expect only 5.
Meanwhile, deliberations are still going on about what to do about the 6 million guilders the former Parking Authority still owes the government. You know what I think? Forget it.

Minister Silly Vain says, intrepid as he is, that a structural solution must be found for Selikor. Great! What a thinker!
In fact, Selikor did pretty well until just a few years ago, when they published a book celebrating how well they were doing.

Say, That Was Easy!
The government in its great wisdom has instructed Aqualectra to transfer the Kodsel money to Selikor. That's the 35 guilders/month which we all have to pay for trash collection.
Oh wait, it's not going to Selikor, that would be too simple. It's going to the government which will then pay what Selikor needs. The rest goes... yeah, where? Good question! To which the standard come-back is "Too bad I don't know the answer."
And what has Aqualectra done all the time with all that money? An even better question.

Naughty, Naughty
Last year's police action at Marnixschool, where several pupils were obliged to take their clothes off, has finally resulted in Openbaar Ministerie [public ministry] concluding the cops went too far and had no occasion to require that. But it hasn't resulted in a court action—yet.
Those things seem to take time.... especially if it involves cops. Sigh. Hey, and how about Aubrey Wiels who according to the pupils enjoyed watching the act?
But don't worry, the cops have had a paid holiday since September last year.

Sic 'em, Already
Now it's car dealers who get visits of a bunch of controllers from several (I won't list 'em all) instances to check for money laundering. Cash payments and overly young clients who want to register a car for a foreign company are automatically suspect; but an eye is kept open for stolen cars/parts etc. as well.

Pay Up
"The government", which means, you and me, has to pay a fireworks dealer 106,000 guilders for 400-500kgs of stuff stolen from their gunpowder house. That's the third time it's happened. I don't know about you, but I have taken measures so it won't easily happen to me.
But Mudbelly Cooper has another solution: "in the future owners will have to find a place for storage themselves and take their own safety measures." As if they're allowed to store that dangerous stuff elsewhere now. (The answer is "No".)

Did You Notice?
Now that those flimsy plastic supermarket bags have been, or are being phased out, you can still get 'em. But with the text "Biodegradable" printed on the side.
First, the print ink was black. But now they're still better: the text is green!

Get Them
Right on! Amigoe newspaper writes that those who have escaped paying taxes because of corruption in the Tax Office, should be prosecuted. What are we waiting for? And the same for the enablers; or worse. Come on, come on!

Extreme Measures
Our government is looking for ways to lower taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel! This to avoid still higher pump prices; which, if you ask me, will follow anyway.
Presently, while the pump owner makes 17.5 cents per liter, on a total price of 2.47 the government makes 89 cents. Wholesaler Curoil makes 11 cents/liter.
Our bleeders will try to figure how the loss of income will be covered. To help them out, here's an idea, and here.

Werner Expired
I wish I saw how not to put it so bluntly, but it may save us money. Werner Wiels, one of the family, former chairman of the multidisciplinary project team (MDPT) died unexpectedly. Werner signed the agreement, dissolved by PAR's PM Bhillenaath, with China company GZE for the refinery take-over.
You think I should feel compassion for the dead? You should read the comments I get to see.

Go, Prickie, Go!
And please don't come back... We read that M*F*K PM Pisas's trip to Dubai's Expo 2020 will cost the country over 70K guilders (only). Economic development minister Cijntje is going there as well, with a total crew of 7. How much that'll cost is unknown. What for is a riddle as well.
"Expo 2020 is intended for companies that are looking for buyers in the Gulf region for their sustainable innovations" to quote Curaçao Chronicle.

Now, Get to Work
Not only do we have a government program now; we also have all ministers' posts filled. Now how about some action to fix the mess?

There We Go
KLM's tickets have become more expensive, because of higher fuel costs. Inevitable. No doubt others will follow.

Another Run to the Judge
Until now, only a threat: Our Man in the Hague, Manuel, threatens to have blogger Godfried Adam in court, for slander and libel, because Adams writes about the 'culture of fear' in Manuel's Curaçaohuis, causing personnel to leave en masse.
But will Manuel dare to?

Does That Need Saying?
Finance minister Silly Vain opines that all ministers, not only he, have to be involved in discussing the Coho ('borrow-or-die') deal with SER social-economic council. Comments hold him responsible anyway, but I feel he definitely has a point.

Let's Go to Court!
(Not only) our Bleeders' hobby. Now it's about the court's verdict that homosexuals must be allowed to marry as long as there are no equivalents available, like a registered partnership. The lesbian couple that started the case appealed as well, because they feel it didn't go far enough: they want to marry with the whole shebang. And the government appeals as the law states a marriage is only possible between a man and a woman.

Mini Scandal
Our plenipot minister in Holland, Manuel, poses with some (unnnamed) people in front of not the king's photo, but one of our Bearded Weirdo PM. Who keeps protecting him in all his irregular activities; an old, old story.
Question asked is, have we become a republic? Answer: forget it. For now.

So There
M*F*K PM Prickie warns that, if Coho is not accepted, an aanwijzing [instruction] from the Hague will follow and "then we'll have nothing to say anymore." As far as I'm concerned, we've been waiting for that for years. So please go ahead with your referendum!

The Good News
We'll have a Koningsdag [king's day] again this year. Mark your calendar, April 27th. The first time in 2 years.

Now That
Banco del Caribe has been sold to some consortium, but now ex?-owner Ennia Caribe Holding (read: Ansary) claims that the sale is unlawful. Worse, ECH says, it makes coverage of Ennia Life insurances impossible. ECH say they'll fight it in court.
Boy, am I glad I don't have to figure that one out. Leave it to the court and lawyers. May take years.

A New One
Creative, aren't they? This time "Global Warming" becomes "A Red Line for Humanity". Just passing it on; I know it's not important.

For fixing the Curaçao infrastructure, 310 million guilders are needed. This includes not only roads, but also everything belonging to them, like bus stops, traffic lights, bridges... you name it. This will result in 0.4% of economy growth, provided it is done efficiently. (What! With Mudbelly taking care of it?) Besides, we have been told earlier it would cost 720 million.
By a coincidence, the money taken out of the road taxes and used for other purposes is 320 million.
The point is, do we have to borrow or what? Dumb question; we have to borrow. But Central Bank CBCS says it will not influence the country budget; "only" the debt burden.

The new owners of Kura Hulanda hotel, BMG Asset Management, say they want to integrate the place as part of Otrabanda town part. Ban bario bek is the new populist shout. That will be a change, after the original plans effectively broke up the neighborhood by closing it off, making it a completely separate entity.
BMG is also looking for new renters. Whatever that means. Probably, regular people are supposed to live among the tourists? But elsewhere they are looking for entrepreneurs who wish to become a part of the Kura Hulanda project.

Forget It! But...
ProMo's protest against the plans for a new hotel at Punda's Marichi has, in appeal, been bounced by the judge. As before, it was too late.
Still, the same judge told VVRP (Mudbelly's department) where they got off. Getting the pertinent info on building permits is much too hard and inaccessible, which can only lead to situations like ProMo found itself in. This must change. But will it?
But Cooper congratulates the judge on having more eye for development than the people with "full bellies". Look who's talking! Ad hominem, sure—but he asks for it.
I said that before, didn't ? So does he.

Dirty Water
Inhabitants of Bandabao, the west part of the island, complain about the dirty Aqualectra utility water. Those who use filters report they are colored orange in a jiffy. But Aqualectra, after having flushed the supply system, says the pipes are 40 years old and there's no money to replace them. So drink that sh*t, suckers. And don't forget to pay or you'll be cut off.

To Be Sure
PNP MP Gerard criticizes all those fancy trips by parliament members to foreign countries. "Looks like every two minutes one of them is boarding a plane" he says. (There are not that many flights, but you get his meaning.) Gerard mentions Panamá, Aruba, St. Maarten, Amsterdam. Business class, one can only guess, with a solid daily allowance.
He does not mention the ministers, who are off just as, or more, often. Santiago de Chile, Dubai, to name two recent trips.
After all, we have money enough! Besides, it's a tradition... Our Culture!

We'll See
Eventually. The discussion about replacing the Antillean guilder with the dollar is still going on. But CBCS central bank announces we'll get a new Caribbean guilder instead. By end 2025.
Plus ça change, plus ç'est la même chose?

Take Your Pick
3 board members of FKP [people's home foundation] have taken their leave. At the request of Mudbelly Cooper; and under protest. But rumors are, it's because he wants to replace them with goons of his choice. Take your pick of what you believe. I've done so myself.

For Now
Or to give the exact quote: "At this time" the USA will not buy oil from Venezuela. One consideration is, the money would go straight to Russia in debt payments, which would help Russia to fight on in Ukraine.
I read some Letter to Ye Editor which was all excited as this would mean reopening the refineries Isla-CUR and Lago-AUA. AUA? Is that even feasible any more?

Big Help
Economic develop minister Cijntje has had a meeting with importers, so the food supply will be guaranteed. Like, CPS port services will arrange that 26 containers with flour will be shipped from France, where they're stuck now. Question: is that CPS's job? How?
Also, the importers will make an effort to find out what foodstuffs are lacking at their customers. They call this a "concrete action".

There were 11 shop burglaries last week, which is a big improvement on the 5 in the week before.

Waste Makes Haste
Finance minister Silly Vain lets it be known that to make use of his tax sanitation proposal, you'll have to get in touch before April 1. Now they have had 3000 requests.

Nothing more has been heard about PAR ex-PM Bhillenaath for a new Curaçao coat of arms. Not that I'm complaining, don't get me wrong. Should have been there around January or so.
See? Even lack of money can be a good thing.

Forget It
Right now. VBC entrepreneurs' club worries about the ongoing inflation, which they say, is largely imported. Of course: we import almost everything. And it will get worse. VBC does not believe the 6% growth promised by CBCS central bank will be achieved. The €uro is predicted to sink to the level of the US dollar, which also means tourists will tend to remain in Europe, the more so as flight tariffs will go up with higher oil prices.
VBC's main solutions? Lower OB sales tax to former levels, which will mean revenues will remain the same as imported goods will become more expensive; lower import duties; be less aggressive in tax collection; and finally, ask for more help from Holland.
We can hear the spoiled brats howl with rage already.

Oh, Goody!
Jurists say a referendum on the Coho deals is legally possible, after all. Fine! Let's waste some more patanzas; we can afford it—thanks to those Dutch loans!

Next Year
The Tax Person announces action will be taken against illegal tourist apartment rentals who do not pay taxes as required. They say there's a long list of suspects.
But first, new spoiled brats will have to be hired to arrange all that. Count your profits!
Also, tourists may not come in the droves predicted, which means the new tax workers won't have much to do. What else is new?

It's Come to That
Police are now allowed to shoot at drivers trying to hit them to avoid being stopped at traffic controls. This is happening more and more often.

Jussa Minit
Verkade writes a letter to KKC with a not-so-gentle reminder that in the past court has stipulated that before the refinery can be reopened, a new law must be installed stipulating the pollution norms. If not, the stringent WHO norms must be held to.
And a ministerial order as proposed by then-minister auntie Sushi (leave it to her) is insufficient.
To repeat, reopening the refinery without new pollution norms is not possible. Still better, our PM and other government functionaries can be held personally responsible.
This upgrading operation would cost between 1 and 2 billion dollars. Now to find some sucker who'll pay that.

Tough, Kids
The people who want to take their leave from ACU credit union have to sit out their cancellation period of three months, the board of directors has decided.

Good Point
The health care sector is worried. The government wants to shrink the salaries there with 12.5%, like for the spoiled brats. But the sector has troubles enough already to keep working, and is afraid this will make it much worse. They point out that the means salary is 45% lower than that of the spoiled brats already, and less means a rabbit punch to the workers.

The Tax People want to start actions against the illegal apartment exploiters, who don't pay taxes! Damn crooks... (Meant is OB/Sales Tax, 7%. Disregarding the crooks who take part of it home.) Maybe that will help stem the flood of tourists? Chata hotel club of course is all for stopping this illegitimate competition, as well.
It's the old boring story: those who are registered get to be hassled by the Tax Person, and the freeloaders are left alone.

Big Deal
The Council of Ministers has agreed with the government program. As if they wouldn't.

Bet Your Balls
The Ukraine conflict "will likely push international food and feed prices 22% higher and a 'considerable' supply gap will linger going forward if the war persists and energy stays expensive." Not my opinion, but Yahoo's.
I can't predict anything on the war persisting, but energy surely will stay expensive. Only more so.

The government will have a brainstorming session next Monday, to see what can be done in tax measures to make life cheaper for us voting cattle. But you say, "don't you need brains for that?" Touché!
The best they can come up with (till now, don't lose hope—yet) is, maybe they can cut car gas tax. It's now 41 cents/liter, not counting OB sales tax of twice 6%; total about 70 cents/liter. Or almost 1/3rd of the liter price. More than the gas stations make; much more.
They'll also have a look at income tax, but the effects of that would only be felt next year; in fact, later.
Hey, how about less tax on alcohol? That may well turn out to be what we really need these days.

Not Only Petrostates
"Petrostates are vulnerable to what economists call Dutch disease, in which a government develops an unhealthy dependence on natural resource exports to the detriment of other sectors" (a term coined during the 1970s after the Netherlands discovered natural gas in the North Sea.)
Council for Foreign Relations
First it was salt; then we got a bunkering harbor; then we got Shell Oil; finally Off-Shore business. All died in our hands, except the harbor. But we're working on that.
And now it's gonna be tourism. Good luck, fellas!
Agreed, all the time we had some trade going on. As described in the early 1980s film Antiyas, Triangulo pa Futuro where a case was made to bring back the golden trade times between Europe, Africa and the Americas. The film never mentioned this totally relied on slave trading.

What Could Go Wrong?
APC spoiled brats' pension fund is taking over four botikas [drug stores] which are on the point of going bankrupt. This while the government is trying hard to lower prices for medicines; for importers as well as botikas.
APC is well known for investing in a lot of projects that may not be sure-fire profitable; like tourist hotels.

Never, Wanna Bet?
Our Big Bleeders are now looking at a possibility to let the police use cars which are now in use by spoiled brats, who don't really need them. Would save costs; they are now renting cars because the official cops' cars are five years old and as good bad as wrecks. (My own car is about that age and I've just been assured it's good for a few years more. As many other people are figuring these troubled times.)
Still, it makes you ask, why ever did those spoiled brats get those cars if they don't "really" need them?

Please, No
Politicians are still looking at a new referendum: shall we accept the Coho loan from Holland deal or shall we proceed on the road to poverty except for spoiled brats, politicians and SOE workers?
But the PAN party meeting planned for Willemstad Punda's Wilhelminaplein, a party complete with music bands has not got a permit. PAN's 'Broertje' Rojer says this is too important to leave to politicians, it must be decided by the people. Looks like the politicians are finally figuring "a bit less is better than nothing at all."

A Bit Late?
The agreement between CDM/Dok and Damen Shipyards needs to be evaluated. I dare say; it dates from 2017 or so. Seems (stop me if you heard this one before), during the last two years maintenance has been deplorable. Dock pumps have broken down, cranes and generators are in bad condition. Damen is hiring equipment instead of having it fixed, which results in higher exploitation costs and also in higher repair costs for customers. Also, workers' safety is in danger.
Is Damen by any chance exhausting the facilities, to turn to another project later on? Like PdVSA? I don't know but it wouldn't be the first time in history by a long way.

Hard to Say
Who's lying? A good guess is, both. Amnesty International has published a devastating report con Curaçao's treatment of Venezuelan refugees. But M*F*K PM Prickie says, for starters, we don't see them as refugees. Also, Amnesty reports they were shot at with rubber bullets during a prison riot (true), but omits to say it was the Venezuelans who started the riot by lighting fire(s) in jail.

Do Tell
Curaçao will also be hit hard by the oil price raises. No kidding?
But Curaçao wants to cooperate with the other oil producing countries in the region: Suriname, Trinidad and Guyana, says minister of economic development Cijntje. He doesn't mention Venezuela.
Well, they have 2 weeks left to announce their Isla refinery solution. Could that be related? Possibly maybe?
But Cijntje says there's a third party that's "most interested" in taking over. They're having their third meeting already! But who? We'd all like to know but it's a Big Secret.

Infights, We Pay
CPS port services say it's not their fault that unloading containers takes so much time: it's because the importers are hoarding goods. I see no further explanation by CPS.
Everybody gets their container within 10 days, adds CPS. Methinks that's mighty slow.

What's Wrong with Me?
1 in 3 Curaçao people have been bothered by sexual intimidation. I've been saved from that.
I feel discriminated against! Am I that unattractive, or even repugnant?

They will be soon... Police can't afford to buy new cars so they will rent them.
Not from me, that's for sure.
Meanwhile, grab your chance: justice personnel is on strike until a solution has been reached for their transport problems.

Should Be Good
The UoC university with the longest name in the world has been accredited. Well, not, actually, as that term is reserved for Holland and Belgium. But we're assured the UoC is just as good.

There's Still Hope
The Campo Alegre, which to some people's joy and others' chagrin, may still be re-opened legally. Not even with a toleration policy. Thus speaks sinister Silly Vain, who also is minister of justice. He thinks it's possible to keep criminal activities (like cocaine dealing) separate from prostitution.
I'm not so sure.
The old names still have roles in Campo's setup: Leslie Franklin and Anthony Godett, both (but that's surely a coincidence!) top FOL members. Others have meanwhile expired, like Nelson Monte, Komproe and van Ierland.

Next! Please?
A Spoiled Brat working for SOAB tax accounting service has been arrested for bribery and violating professional secrecy, by passing on (read: selling) classified info.
May more follow.

That Could Be Fun
Iran is delivering drones to our friendly neighbor, tyrant president Maduro of Venezuela. It's the latest Mohajer-6 type, range 200kms. Not enough to reach Miami, but plenty to get over here.
Both the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and Libanon's Hezbollah have a strong foothold in Venezuela. But their Carnival is great! Ask CTB.

What Else
The public beaches are a mess, just like the rest of the island. Transporters may blame Selikor for the high landfill prices which makes them dump anywhere else, but it's all the same. Beach visitors leave behind bottles and even still-burning charcoal, with a thin layer of sand on top so you'll burn your feet when stepping on it. Not to mention the rest.
I once saw a Dutch granny rinsing her grandchild's diapers in the sea at a public beach, so it's no good blaming only our own people for it.

Deep in the Red
Curaçao now has a debt of over 4.2 billion guilders (USD2.3b). That's 280,000 per head. Remember this was achieved in 11 years? But auntie Sushi and others think it's not enough by far, and protest against Coho measures to limit our politicians' independency.
And Partido PAN has now asked the governor for a referendum on Coho. As if she had anything to say about that. (Parliament didn't want to hear about it, either.)

Cover Up: Like Islam
Girls themselves are to blame for their sexy dressing, when they are molested by boys. It's official! Wise men, and who knows women as well, will go to the schools to lecture the girls.
Dress Islamic burqas, girls, or whatever. You know what? Go all the way and buy a body bag.

That's Fine
... with me. MAN party announces it's out of the question that Pinhead Martina will be removed as party head.

It takes much too long to unload a container in harbor, according to importers because of CPS port services. Which causes the ship owners to charge extra. Which "unreasonable price increases" have now been forbidden by the government.
It's a safe bet they will charge extra somehow, anyway. Why should they have to pay for what's the government's fault?
Count on still higher prices, is what it finally means, and blame our Bleeders.

Get Out
While the going's good. 2227 more (registered) citizens left Curaçao last year than came in. That's 1.5% of the total.
Not counting the illegals, of course. Officially, the population on January 1 2022 was 151,066.

Taking a Line through Palestine
Buses will no longer pass through Seru Fortuna at night time. They are often pelted with rocks and stones and think it's too dangerous.
Too bad if you live there? Or a problem you caused yourself?

Maybe... Not Impossible
The people who took their leave at ACU say it's because they asked critical questions that those appointed by Central Bank CBCS didn't get along with them. Which is the opposite from what you'd expect at first sight.
If true, that makes you question CBCS. Who knows? Maybe we'll find out later. Maybe.

But Still...
Cft financial supervision is worried about the 2021 personnel costs of Curaçao government. They are almost back at 2019 pre-Virus level, and overtime even is over the yearly limit of 10 million guilders.
What else is new?
For one thing, the complete Supervision Council of ACU (spoiled brats' credit union) take their leave, as they refuse their role as a rubber stamp for what CBCS central bank orders. Until now, they did as they liked.

This Stinks
High tax officials have had preferential treatment for years with the Tax "Service". Minister Silly Vain talks about the same for family and friends. Quelle surprise! But wait, it's even worse than we all thought anyway, much worse.
Ministers, parliament members, department heads, directors/commissoners of SOEs, or any high-placed functionaries in the public sector didn't pay without approval by tax higher-ups. They might have millions of tax debts, but got an arrangement to pay 500 or 1000 guilders per month, which meant they'd never pay those debts off. But it's even worse: they paid that 2 or 3 times and, to Quote the Raven, "Nevermore."
Silly Vain says that this "Apartheid" (his word) is a thing of the past. We all sincerely hope so.
But the lower tax people have shown great cooperation, says Silly Vain. They may be as disgusted as we all are.
Apartheid means, in this case here, government people are treated different than the decent folks. Don't we know it.
Take that, spoiled brats! But still, as Antilliaans Dagblad comments, why has the head of the Ontvanger [collector] Department not been kicked out yet?

2 more Virus patients expired, bringing the total to 264.

Yesterday's anti-Coho demonstration, organized by PIN auntie Sushi, is reported to have been "well visited". I wasn't there, of course, but it looks more like "poorly" on the photos.
Be that as it may, it can't possibly make a difference.

Wait And Don't See
Now we read that end March, not February as promised, a binding agreement will have been reached for the exploitation of Isla refinery. At least, RdK "hopes" so. And by June this should be made definite.
Six candidates are left out of thirty twenty. RdK says.

Don't Even Think It
CTB tourist board has flown a delegation to Caracas to enjoy Carnival there. After all, they couldn't spend enough of their our money here this year, as the Grand Feast was canceled.
But we shouldn't think this has any political meaning, oh no!

Just Read It
Don't know if it's true, but it sounds so: we need 720 million to fix the roads, for which we'll ask (are you ready) Holland for money.

The Tale with a Tail
(Sorry, Lewis.) The Group of Six has sent a letter to M*F*K Mudbelly Cooper, inquiring about what's going on with the mangrove park. But Cooper replied onbeschoft en schofterig [rudely and boorishly] with "a total contempt for the people", as we're by now accustomed to, that the Group should go somewhere else. "Obviously the government has something to hide" the Group says. You think?

Maybe? Who Knows
Finally, long after we were ready for it, M*F*K education minister van Heydoorn is having a look at the language problem; because that's what it is. Ex-minister Dijkhoff gives her opinion: we have four languages (Dutch, Papiamento, Spanish and English—not necessarily in that order of importance) which is too many for a small country like ours. Only 20% plus 45% of grade school pupils goes on to higher education; the rest doesn't make it, Dijkhoff says, because they have to change to a to them foreign language later on. Alas, her solution sounds far from ideal.
The Fundashon pa Skol foundation must be replaced by "Akademia di Papiamentu", mis-translated as Raad voor Taal (Language Council). Which of course will need extra money. Where from?
We didn't have that problem when the Fraters and Soeurs forced all pupils, much against their wishes, to learn Dutch first and took it from there. But Papiamento is holy and must therefore be used!

"A government measure to control the prices of imported goods seems to lead to a price increase" we read in Curaçao Chronicle. Unintended result: less cargo space, because of maximum prices, so less imports, so higher prices.
And moreover, CPS Curaçao Port Services does not unload cargo in the weekends. Welcome to Modern Times Curaçao style. (Hint: I'm sure the trade unions are to blame.)

Don't I Know It
M*F*K finance minister Silly Vain wants to end the discrimination in tax collecting. Some people are treated much more lenient than "regular people" he says. Right.
But if he can end it?

New Round
Two more Virus deaths. Over 11% of tested infected. This is supposed the government's last daily update; from now on only Fridays.
I ask myself how long that will keep up...
Bonaire shared the list of places where all measures are ended. Watch it, Bonairianos!

The new roads on Rif, all for the tourists! have been decorated with trees. Le mot juste, as they won't give much shade for quite a few years. Amigoe tells us they have been bought for 650 guilders each, while only recently (at SDK sport center) the price was 400. Not only that, they look like about 75 centimeters high, while the other ones were 1.80m.
Mudbelly Cooper was not available for comment. Not that we need any.
But inflation! you may say. Aw, shut up.

Come Back, China Virus!
Over 11% of new infections, which started going up right after it was announced we'd get only weekly new announcements. Uh oh.

You'll Miss Me
Tomorrow we'll have a big manifestation to protest against the Coho deal, which mainly serves to force Curaçao to finally start fighting corruption.
One of the speakers will be Auntie Sushi, which tells enough. She's a strong opponent. It may be somebody's guess why, but anybody can guess the answer.

Small Wonder
Curaçao has now reached absolute bottom status, Tier 3, in human trafficking. But our PM Prickie says there's no money to work on the problem. Poor bearded baby.
This in a country where people are always nagging on about how badly they were treated as slaves.

They're All the Same
Finance minister Silly Vain has published a press release where he accuses his predecessor Gijs & Bertha of irregularities, a "farewell policy" connected with his daughter.
I have little doubt he's right.
Now wait for his follow-up to accuse him.

Howzabout Isla? Huh?
You may well ask. We were supposed to get news last month, which ended last week. Remember? with Carnival. A "definite interim" choice would be made between 20 candidates stampeding each other to take over Isla refinery operations. Or was it 30?
Doesn't matter, the actual number is zero. The Media forgot all about it as well.

Dark Car Windows
A test will be done for two years allowing them, after which it will be checked if this has led to (still?) more accidents or (still?) more crime. Our smart MPs said it was to prevent skin cancer, among other things.
But no research into that has been done here at all, says Dick Drayer. Nor has been looked at international requirements. No matter. We'll get them.
Drayer also says that the 20 deaths and 5,000 wounded transported by ambulance to hospital cost 200 million guilders per year.
You can fix a lot of roads for that, Mudbelly. Even if you insist on getting your cut.

Count 'Em
One in five cars was involved in an accident (2020). 88,000 cars were registered with insurance; in 2019, there were 4,000 more. Where did they all go?
Watch your back, front and sides while driving...

Real Pros
Three teenage boys have been arrested shortly after they attacked and robbed a tourist family talking a walk in a nature park. They threatened them with a gun, but ran away when the tourists starting throwing stones.
Don't laugh, they were in training.

What an Ass
Meant is MP Trabao pa Kòrsou's Calmes, who first wants our PM to tell the world (which is sure to listen) that our island is peace-loving and does not want to hinder Venezuela tyrant Maduro in his activities. He'd much sooner have Maduro come over here and take our, Dutch, money away as well.
This genius also wants an inquiry into the 2020 Fòrti happening, when the police had the use tear gas against rioters, who then proceeded to commit arson and vandalism in Willemstad. Those poor innocent rioters didn't deserve such a fate!
How did this circus comic ever make it to parliament? Rhetorical question, you might ask that about most of his fellow members.

During the next 5 years, 340 million guilders will be invested in infrastructure. This is expected to result in (slightly) less unemployment. The country budget will not be influenced, but our debt will grow. Sure. Got it. Another Dutch loan, what else?

Tough, Vanessa
Finance minister Silly Vainia is not prepared to publish a rectification on his remarks about Vanessa, Gijs & amp; Bertha's daughter. I'll spare you the arguments, but he mentioned 3 good ones why he was right when he claimed that her father was wrong to give her the position.
The court agreed.
Which means, Pinhead Martina is to blame as well.

That's BAD
The average debt of Curaçao households was 88%. To explain, for every 100 guilders of income they have 88 guilders of debt.
But this was before the Virus and "there is a suspicion" it may be more now. Really? You think?
Small wonder the government is in the same position; or worse. It's what's called "endemic".

Putin Shakes in His Boots
MAN party has denounced the Russian invasion of Ukraine. That's telling them!
Also, our Big Bleeders have discovered that this will cause our prices to go up even more. They're so smart!

Well-Known Problem
The judge judged Irie Tours was quite right when they fired the captain of one of their tourist boats,. He was as drunk as captain Haddock; many captains habitually are, as they have nothing to do but carry their responsibility. In that deplorable state, he helped cause 10,000 guilders worth of engine damage.

That's Fine
Amigoe newspaper has two headlines, online right next to each other: both are about projects that will have "a positive effect on the economy." Great! Remain positive, even if the economy doesn't.

Darkness Reigns
Opposition parties in parliament have given up: dark car windows will be accepted soon. M*F*K has a majority, so that's it.

The M*F*K-PNP government program is ready! Finally! Took 'em a year.
And it's only a concept.

Same Here
It's definitely over, for now at least. Virus numbers will from now on be given once a week. Last test count was 3.4 infections.

Pro Stuff
Crooks have robbed Baoase luxury hotel, or resort, who cares. First they went 5top Barber fire dept to steal some heavy material, which they used to break into the safe after overpowering the security guard. We're not told how much they got away with.

Debts All Over
Now it's Selikor where the government has to pay 60 million guilders to. Or Selikor will go bankrupt in less than five years. Not one cent of what we pay per has reached Selikor.
Since 10-10-10, the government hasn't paid. Ain't independence great? We want more of it!

The Morning After (Carnival)
February 28: 12 new Virus cases, 2.6%; no imports. 9 in hospital, 4 in ICU.
February 27: 19 new Virus cases, 3.2%; no imports. 11 in hospital, 6 in ICU.
February 26: 20 new Virus cases, 2.8%; no imports. 8 in hospital, 3 in ICU.

Psst! Need drugs?
The prison in 2019 was chock-full of drugs, knives and (196) telephones with chargers. Even USB cables were found. My fav is, two balances to weigh out drugs.
They say it was better in 2020, but that may have several explanations. Not all of them good.
4 drones were captured. And we read how Amazon is using them to deliver packages in the USA. Once again, we're far ahead of the game.

That's It
Used to be easy: when the flight from Amsterdam came in and there was somebody on it we were supposed to pick up at the airport, we got into our car and leisurely drove up there. But these days, those flights do not come in over our heads: for some reason, they make a detour around Westpunt and approach the airport over Bullenbaai. So we have to watch the arrival times on the internet.
I'm so smart, it took me years to figure out why. But of course! It's to avoid flying over those blasted wind generators spoiling our view over the sea. For safety, right?
I wonder if somebody figured out how much extra fuel those jets use to make the detour, and compared it with the fuel saved by them damn windmills. No, I don't really wonder: I'm sure nobody did.

Also Again
The government is considering to retract media concessions. Stop me if you heard this before: they just don't pay and get away with it? Mudbelly Cooper says there's hundreds of thousands of guilders' worth in back payments.
We have 26 licensed FM stations. On 160,000 people. No wonder they lack the money to pay up.

So Who Does Get It?
The Selikor personnel's trade union wants discussions top guarantee that the 35 guilders/month we all pay for trash collection will go to Selikor, where they are sorely needed. You may doubt that, but that's what they say.
But it raises the question, where does that money go now?

Please stop... Some people want a new referendum. That would be number 4, or maybe I lost count. They'd rather go on running off the cliffs then submit to Holland's COHO rules for yet another millions loan. One of these is PAN's 'Broertje' Rojer.
But M*F*K's parliament head America-Francisca says the law is being discussed in parliament, which is the highest democratic organ, so a referendum is not needed.
From next week, public is allowed again at parliament meetings. One more way the China Virus interfered with democracy.

Cft financial supervision suggests the way out of the economy problems is (you'll never guess) higher taxes and higher import duties. To prevent more poverty?
The one thing I can agree with, higher casino taxes. Are there any worth while? I sincerely doubt it.

Just So
We have no traffic policy in Curaçao, says the union of driving school operators. With 15-25 deaths per year on a 160 thou population, we're high up in the world list. (For a not so welcome exception.) The union reminds us that in 2016 an accord was signed to turn the island traffic into one of the safest in the world, remember?
There's a plan to use fines money for road improvement, but until now the money just keeps falling into the well-known bottomless pit called Fort Amsterdam, without a trace.

They Well Might
Education union DOEN is not very happy that the former Bhillenaath cabinet members get all their not used-up vacation days paid out (from 4000 to 86000 guilders). The teachers get their 12.5% abatement, and on top of that have to pay for materials themselves. The government just isn't forthcoming with the lettuce.
DOEN will try to figure out what to do. Just like all of us: there's nothing we can do.
Many teachers are considering to find other jobs. Just what we need these High Crime days.

Oh, He
It was Pinhead Martina who, as interim minister of finance, signed Vanessa Gijsbertha's lucrative contract. Only, he can't remember doing so.

It's a Thought
PAR party there's more to the Ukraine war than higher fuel prices. The Russian minister of foreign affairs has announced military troops may be sent over to Cuba and (there you go) Venezuela.
In that case, there goes tourism again. For a final dive?
PIN (read: auntie Sushi) 's reaction is, once again, clamoring to stimulate agriculture so we can supply our own food. Just like New York? Paris? Forget it.
And what can our government do about it? Forget it? Oh, ask Holland for more money! Right ho.

Busy Guy
Venezuelan Correa certainly left a trail of ruined projects. Curaçao Chronicle calls out the latest: Curaçao Airport Hotel. Once again, the project amounts to nothing more than an attempt to defraud investors.

Way to Go
"Iceland Ends All Restrictions, Says it Wants 'As Many People as Possible' to Catch Covid" we read in The Independent. They want to achieve widespread societal resistance. PCR tests, curfew and limits n large gatherings are abolished as well.
It's over, folks. Let's go back to enjoying life.

What Do They Care
Only 1 out of 18 fractions in Dutch parliament has shown any interest in the proposed sea border adjustment with Santo Domingo. CDA asked why such a treatment, and for which reason. CDA also ask3ed if Curaçao and Aruba were asked about it. Good question.
Answers are supposed to come later.

Tell Us About It
The high number of violent crimes have a negative influence on Curaçao society, say the police.
Gee, so they noticed?
In 2 weeks there were 4 atrakos, 12 domestic, 3 car and 16 business (among which 3 schools) burglaries. 4 cars were stolen and 16 cases of domestic violence were reported.
And a guy got 6 months in jail for stealing 2 bottles of whiskey. Musta been Macallan? He couldn't make it on his welfare, he said. Maybe he oughta switch to denatured alcohol.
On the other hand, I can't take this too seriously: 50% women complained about getting wolf whistles in the streets. But 22% of boys had the same sort of complaint. What gender was playing wolf here, I ask myself.

Some US lawyer says COHO is inhumane and illegal. It's a shame our governments have to take measures to economize if they wish to borrow money!
Gee, I wish the guy started suing the banks for the 18%/year credit card interest.
People say it's the same guy we, and St. Maarten, are paying fat sums to protest neo-colonialism with the United Nations, but I haven't been able to check that. Figures, though.

Good to Know
The Army (ministry of offense) reassures the fisherpersons they don't have to worry. They're perfectly safe!
Agreed, safer then ashore. Much safer.

Take That and Pay Up
I'm far from a sayer of sooth, but confidently predict worse will follow. Car gas will go up with 14 cents/liter, and diesel about the same: 2.474 and 1.90/liter. Gas bombs 100lbs/80.00 (same as February).
Domestic water will cost 8.9134/m^3 (was 8.582) for less than 9m^3/month; electricity 0.7540/kW (was 0.7415) for 250-350kW/month.
My, we've beaten Germany at their own game! Except, as yet, for electric car battery exploding charging: in München €0.69/kW (=ANG1.38).

Don't Say It
I'll do it for you: I was wrong. The Russkis have invaded Ukraine this morning. God help us all so it won't go any further. For starters, prepare for higher energy prices. If it were only that...
Next, Taiwan. Hong Kong went like a breeze, after all.

Amigoe newspaper tells us that central bank CBCS figures, things go on like this, 65,000 people here will get below the poverty line. Soon. It's not clear how many families that entails, but in 2018 the labor force was 70,153 people. So it would be practically the Spoiled Brats (3400 in that same year) plus a small lucky number that will not be below the poverty line.
You'll never guess the solution proposed. More Tourism!
For honesty's sake, several other things, minor, are mentioned. Let us hope they will have some effect.

Politicians Pipe Dream?
Curaçao must become a paradise for digital nomads. They'll hang out on the beach here, do their laptop work while enjoying a piña colada; and the 625 of them are supposed to bring in 125 million/year. That's 200,000 each.
Is the idea.
I'm in the wrong business... But I knew that already.

Chance Lost
If you were out to get minister Silly Vain, you're too late. Two of his bodyguards, who quit because he told them "they were not on his level" went back to work.

Not That Bad, Yet?
In South Africa, ten robbers have been shot dead in what sounds like a regular battle with the cops. The only surprising thing is, there were cops who didn't join the robbers? Who were armed just as well as the police and the army, we read.
Oh wait, we are ahead of the game there as well. Remember that war at Hato airport, a few years ago?

New Trick
It really is an old one: thieves hit your car from behind and when you get out to look at the damage, they attack and rob you. Police warn you to be on your guard. And then? Hit the gas, I guess.
Getting hit from behind happens all too often in the first place, with all those tailgaters.

Can't See It
new westend

This is supposed to be the new version of the former West-End cinema façade. You think that looks likes the original? Somebody at Studio 8 Design must be blind. Or you and me are crazy.
old westend

You say, "But why should it look like the original?" My very first thought as well. Still, that's what they claim.
And by the way you know, who needs a clock these days? In all my life I never saw a public clock here that kept running for longer than a few months. 2022-02-24

Shoot to Kill
Maybe not, but close enough. "In the past" near Wacawa, where the Dutch Army trains, a fishing boat was fired upon. We take it, accidentally. The boat was severely damaged, but the fishermen escaped. And now, these persons go in fear of their lives and want the problem solved.

"New" West End
A developer has, finally, received a building permit to rebuild the space where West End cinema once stood. There will be shops and apartments, but the façade will be rebuilt. This took since 2001, and building will take 12-15 months.

We Won!?
42 positive Virus cases out of 1516 tested; 2.8%. 8 imported cases. 8 in hospital, 4 of them are in the ICU. 1 more dead, total 261.

The Return of the 10,000 Bulls
And their manure. Sounds like a horror film title, not? Maybe it is. In Canada, bio-fuel company Clean Energy is collecting crap from dairy firms to process. You think we're safe from that here, do you? 'Coz, where to collect all that BS from to process at Bullenbaai?
Well, think again. Remember Pinhead Martina's friend with his grandiose plans? Well, go ahead with those now and we're all set.

Take Heart
Only ten more years, then we're back at GO. Says Central Bank CBCS. First, the 2022 growth expected (by them at least) will be canceled by the inflation. This after during 24 years before 2020 the economy grew negatively by 11.4%. Unemployment will first go up to 24%; at least, if not even more people flee to Holland.
It's a structural problem, CBCS says. Ya think?

Quite the Fashion
Now it's minister Silly Vain who's accused of "sexually exceeding behavior" [sexueel overschrijdend gedrag— by PAR; curious term]. PAR says it's for the judge to decide if and what he did wrong. We wait.

National Pride? Not So Much
Our National Library, for which author Frank Martinus was honored by giving it his name, is in such a bad state that it will have to move. Aircos all broke down, and consequently books are deteriorating. The building dates from 1988. Government didn't bother to maintain it properly.
A new location has been found but it's kept a secret.

Cheaper Meds
The judge threw out the protest by Big Pharma (well, not that big; only local) against fixed maximum drug prices. Which is good for SVB/CMC but not so good for the drug agents.

It's Over?
As good as, looks like. 23 new Virus cases out of 1424 tests, 0.16%; 13 imported. 10 in hospital, 4 in ICU.

What Did You Expect?
A request for more openness in top salaries never made it to where it should have. Which means the advice of workers, entrepreneurs and independents has been trashed.
Also, a letter by the Dutch Staaatssecretaris on the subject will not be made public.
That's Transparency, Folks! Not to mention Democracy. It's our Culture, not to mention our genes (of some of us).

Filthy Trick
It's almost a crime! Some Swedish company has been heavily fined for selling fake Viagra pills; to Curaçao, USA and the Netherlands.
For the innocent readers, that's erection pills.

That's More Like It
February 19, 38 new Virus cases, 1799 tested (2.2%), 8 imports. 8 in hospital, 4 in ICU.
February 20, 23 new cases, 1643 tested (1.4%), 12 imports. 10 in hospital, 4 in ICU.
Time to join the Free World?!

Spare Me
If I hear the words "sustainable" and "cautionary principle" one more time I'll start screaming. Hysterically, yes.
There are more like that, "gender-fluid", but here I'll spare you.

MAN wants a Monument to the Virus. I kid you not, as author Boeli van Leeuwen used to quote Herman Wouk. And we should have a Remembrance Day, March 13.
Last thing we need. I wonder who's supposed to create it. Any relation there, by some coincidence?

What's Worse?
Take your pick: a guy has been arrested for exporting 41 keys of coke, at least drugs; plus having child porn on his phone. The drugs still have to be analyzed and he says the porn pics were sent to him by others, and he he plum forgot to wipe them from his phone. Sure, Akeem.

Forget It
M*F*K Mudbelly Cooper says he awaits to know the costs of suing the former parking authority Global Metals and what the government may expect to get before making a decision. That's ominous; as far as I remember Global Metals never paid a nickel and owes the island over 6 million guilders. A court process costing more than that? Even by the waste makers in Forti? Hahaha.
Remember Global Metals got the contract in 2010, another ominous fact; when M*F*K was king—like now.

Big Deal
The country budget 2022 has been published.
As if it meant anything at all.

Parliament is finally getting ready to formalize the parking agreements. Of which the main result will be, as from then the government will actually get part of the receipts!
Took ten years huh? Do we discern ex-PM Shorty's not-so-subtle hand here?

Sic 'Em, Nardy!
KKC's Nardy Cramm, in her continuing fight against the gambling mafia, is now challenging judges because the court doesn't give impartial and accessible judgments in laundering affairs, tax practices and gaming licenses issued on Curaçao.
She also complains that her personal details are given out to her antagonists.
Nardy had to move from Curaçao to Holland as she was in fear of her life.

Virus Count
52 new cases out of 1553, just over 3%; 10 imports. 7 in hospital, 4 in ICU.

At It, Again?
Sinister of unhealth Dotty Pietersz is rumored to have asked two hospital patients to keep quiet about their bad experience with two Dutch nurses, sent out free to help out with the Virus.
What to think? I don't know, really. The patients may be right, and so may be the nurses (and even at the same time); it may be how you look at it. The inspectorate of health will investigate.

Oh Yeah?
As from 2030, "half of the number of travelers between the ABC islands will have to fly electrically and by 2035 every passenger." The Dutch say so; at least their Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management.
Oh wait, it's only a Master Plan. Masterly! Prices are expected to go down "considerably", because as everybody knows by now, solar and wind energy are free.

Go Out and Spread
Contrary to earlier news, the Virus curfew will be abolished as from today.
But we're still expected and supposed to wear those ridiculous masks. You may come closer than 2 meters though. Cummon, give me a Kisss, big and sloppy please...
But I'll have to shave more often again, that's the drawback.

Mr. Nice Guy
PNP MP Gerard accuses M*F*K finance minister Silly Vain of speaking derogatively about his colleague minister of health; for which I personally think he may be excused. Two of Silly's security guards also complain about his attitude.
But PM Bearded Weirdo defended him, saying he still has to learn how to express himself as a politician. That's a quote!

MP Vandal
Castro (no relation; only spiritually) was not satisfied with his democratic powers as (ex-)MP; he went out with a spray can to vandalize walls. Too bad a police [patrol came by and arrested him, while he was at it.
Castro has been accused of slander before, and has also been convicted for drug smuggling to Holland.

Why Bother
I'm getting curiouser and curiouser about that deluge of candidates trampling each other to death for the Isla refinery take-over. You think we'll hear about them this month, as promised? Less than two weeks to go...
Then we'd get another deluge, of greenie/warmists protests. Who never touch upon the fact that China pollutes more than the rest of the world—combined in total.

Is That Good? Or Bad?
Between 2010 and 2020, the number of notifications of money laundering and terrorism has increased tenfold. This while personnel at Financial Intelligence Unit Curaçao has been reduced.

Oh Well
We're used to that. PAR is worried about the "poisoned atmosphere" in den Haag Curaçaohuis caused by our plenipot Manuel. There were times when it wasn't so, but that seems like prehistoric by now.

79 new infections in 1948 tests, just over 4%. 14 imports, 7 in hospital, 4 in ICU.
Oh yeah, Austria is ending "almost all" mandates against the unvaxed, as well. But the WHO (who have been mostly wrong from the pandemic's start) warn all these countries "are moving too quickly." Thanks, WHO! For nothing.

Just Wait
Inflation over last year was 3.8% but price index was 4.9% higher. Which after all is what we really care about.
No news on what's expected this year. As if they knew, right.

That's Telling 'Em, Huffie!
Dutch Staatssecretaris van Huffelen makes it known that the Spoiled Brats' 12.5% salary cut must go through as long as the islands need liquidity support. Or until independence? You choose (it's not really hard).
So there.

Did Ya Notice?
Russia did not invade Ukraine yesterday, as confidently promised by the USA boss. So no WWIII, as yet.
Sure, it may still happen. Next year... month... week. Or century. Relax already. Have another pill!

Great News!
Pardon my sleepiness (Ho Hum), but there's a lot of excitement about an interactive map of Curaçao. You click on it, you get an ad about a tourist attraction. Hardly as many as on Google Maps, though; in fact, embarrassingly less. Who needs it, except the people charging money for those ads?
Sure, I forgot: it may be subsidized. By you via CTB.

Who Cares
The committee deciding who'll get a knighthood from our Mighty King is being politicized. Now, non M*F*K members are being thrown out and replaced. Yes, by M*F*K members, did you really have to ask? As if it wasn't politicized by definition.
Gee, I wonder how much these committee members get paid.

Problem for M*F*K
Now that Braam is out, who shall become their, and our, minister of justice? Till now the Weird Beard fulfilled that function. Now they seem to be thinking of Shalten Hato; only one problem: he's a member of MAN party.
So change partners, Shalten! See? It's easy when you think it over.
TPK MP Calmes is afraid we'll get the feared aanwijzing from the Kingdom on Justice: there's chaos and corruption there. And we still don't have a Police Chief either. He may be afraid, some of us are waiting for it!

What Else Did You Expect?
Rhetorical question: answer "nothing". The trade unions are against normalization of SOE top salaries. At the same time, the 12.5% cutting of workers' salaries there is protested.

Oh, Marvelous
Curaçao is on the road to tourism's recovery, CTB announces. And we thinking, misled by their previous bragging, that we were there already. No matter: the number of USA tourists shrank by almost half, compared with December. 74% came from Europe (read Holland), which will soon be over, when the Virus restrictions end.

Nos Futuro
Over 20% of jail prisoners are between 18 and 24 years old. There are only 11 females locked up.
One in five (same percentage) of prisoners comes back to prison soon.
Yes, yes, I know the official name is SSDK now. My name still is much better and more to the point. Q.E.D.

We must make use of the economy's recovery to strengthen it, says Cft financial supervision. Then they say how: the budget deficit must be turned into a surplus; the government debt must be reduced to an acceptable level (opinions on what's to be considered acceptable will differ); and reforms must be implemented to guarantee social securities for future generations (as if they're guaranteed now).
All perfectly easy.
It's of great importance to balance next year's budget, says Cft. That would be a revolutionary change.

One Two More
Northern Ireland is relaxing Covid rules. So is Aruba, as from today. Soon, I'll stop listing those who do. Italy is planning so by end March.
We here are expected to have the curfew starting later, at 01:00.

Only 29?
That's the number of trash dumping grounds on Curaçao, reports Amigoe newspaper. In fact, they're talking about large places, each with what you might call an infrastructure of their own. There seems to be no real way of fighting it. Not with our Spoiled Brats corps.
Apart from those, I can point at many more; smaller ones, admittedly. But I never started counting them: it's just hopeless.

Who Follows?
Hensley Basilio, top Spoiled Brat at DOW public works, has appealed his being fired for fraud and corruption. But that didn't work, the higher court still found him guilty. Several projects of his are mentioned for their "exorbitant" costs; you don't need to know of which ones. There's plenty more, we're all sure.

There You Have It
CBCS central bank reports an "enormous growth of house prices" (in Dutch here). Because of all those makambas building here.

We're Winning
Only, for how long? 73 new Virus infections out of 1955 tests, that's below 3.8%. 24 imports, 6 in CMC hospital, 4 in ICU. 2 More deaths, alas; total now 260.

Good Story
The cop who's been arrested in Holland for his connection to the 600 keys of cocaine stolen from the Ruio Canario HQ, "fears for his life" when he's moved to Curaçao jail.
Mariano says our local mafia has good, solid and strong (my translation) connections within the police corps. He must have a point. Only, does the Dutch mafia not have connections in the Dutch police corps? I'm sure they do.
At any rate, both Coast Guard and Police have been pointed at for corruption before.
Correction, we now read it was "only" 530 keys.

Soda Tax? So What!
There's a lesson in there. I'm sure... if I could only find it.
In Seattle, a soda tax was introduced. Just like here (or not yet?) to save us all from the Horror of Obesity. Which I admit doesn't look nice. But only suckers don't see that the real reason is, it brings in money to the Government Coffers.
In Seattle, they tried the same thing, in 2017 (so that's where aunt Sushi got her idea from). So (first 5, then 7% of them... up and up) the Drinkers switched to beer. Which, apart from the "bad" alcohol content, carries 200 calories/portion versus soft drinks 160. Count them and enjoy!
Yes, don't I know it, alcohol is even more heavily taxed. Not my point.

Name Them?
Staatssecretaris van Huffelen says that she sees "1000 chances for Curaçao" without naming any. She doesn't even specify if they're positive or negative. We have to cooperate, she says.
Spouting clichés as is politicians' wont.

Good, Great!
Out of 1429 Virus tests, 16 positives. That's hardly over 1%. 10 imports; 2 more died, total now 258. 8 in CMC hospital, 6 in ICU.

CBCS Central Bank Curaçao St. Maarten must be watched carefully, so it doesn't lose its independent status from the governments. Antilliaans Dagblad mentions 4 points: It's almost impossible to hold the management responsible for negligence or serious task neglect; in practice, the governments can influence the bank (which has been tried several times in the past); nomination of director etc. is sensitive to political influences.
There are more points, more or less emphasizing these.

They Buy, We Pay
Because so many Dutch kaaskoppen [cheese heads] come over to buy houses here, the building sector is doing as well as ever, in spite of the stagnated Virus economy. So prices don't go down but rather, trend up.
Is because mortgage interest in Holland is extremely low. Here, not.

Not Good, But Better
On the 12th, we had a Virus infection rate of just over 4%, which had dropped to 3% next day. 14+9 imports, 10 in CMC, 7 in ICU; 1 more death, total 245.
Meanwhile, Norway has joined the growing list of countries ending all COVID restrictions.

Stop That
Braam retracted his slander that ex-justice PAR minister Girigorie was, er, way too fond of little girls. Or maybe boys, it never got that far in the media. Looks like it was no more than a #HeToo campaign.
Now we're still waiting to see if Silly Vania keeps it up against Vanessa Gijsbertha. Or might be the other way 'round, it does get confusing with them politicians.

Darwin Day
Yes, I celebrate.

Stop Me if You Heard This Before
The Tax Brats are afraid of their hides. They accuse M*F*K finance minister Silly Vain of having replaced the dept. head with a friend (which is called nepotism) and fear the same will happen to them.
Frankly, I don't know what to think. Having had my struggles with the Tax Person, I wouldn't mind to have them all replaced. If only the replacements would be better... Sigh.

That, Too
Many cars drive around with fake license plates. Especially trucks and trailers often have no license plates in back at all.
A mini-bus has been stopped and fined for this. You can only hope it had insurance. And pray that the minibus you're in has as well.

Keep on Suing
Not only ex-minister Girigorie, his security staff as well, have filed complaints against Eduard Braam. Braam should retract and correct his remarks on Girigorie.
Vanessa Gijsbertha has filed a complaint against minister Silly Vain, also asking for rectification; including on Fakebooc. The complaint is against him personally, not as a minister, so this time we won't have to pay for his court costs.

She Could Have Fooled Me
New Dutch staatssecretaris van Huffelen, follow-up of Knops, is over on a visit and has assured Curaçao school boards that there is perspective for the future.

95 New Virus Cases
Out of 2209 tested, that's still (just) over 4%. 18 imports, 10 in hospital, 7 in ICU. 4 more died, total now 253. 45% had Omicron, total booster shots now at 40,000.

Not a Joke
But you're excused for thinking so. Curaçao has joined the international network against corruption, called the Global Judicial Integrity Network. Which falls under the UN organization United Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).
Where is the UN at, anyway? Reminds you of China, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela being members of the Human Rights org.

Way Out
The 12.5% salary cut for spoiled brats will end on June 30, 2023. And the lower ones on the scale will not get cut that much, or their salary would come below 125% of the minimum wage. So they must make more than the "normal" citizen; it's official.

ProMonumento, Here's Your Chance
For the grandiose (well, pass the salt please?) plans with the Plaza hotel, no building permit has been applied for yet. Maybe now for once ProMonumento will be in time? But I can't remember reading they have anything against the plans.
At least now's the first time we hear that *&%$#@ tower will be demolished.

Braam's Revenge?
The guy is now accusing ex-minister Girigorie of indecent, "lewd", behavior with kids. Even touching them where he shouldn't. Guess he means on their bodies, not the geographical location. At least, that's what Braam says his bodyguards say. (Sure, Girigorie kept 'em around in case the kids acted up, figures.)
Girigorie wants Braam to rectify his statements. Pop that corn!

Getting There
Slowly, but surely? Anyway, 99 Virus infections out of 1560 tested, that's about 6%. Still too high.
9 imported, 13 in CMC hospital, 10 in ICU. 1 more death, total now 249.

"Germany is the world champion in electricity prices — no country pays more for electricity" says Focus.de; and they're right! German households now pay €0.3619/kW, which equals ANG0.7403; while Aqualectra charges only ANG0.6352/kW. As long as you use less than 250kW/month, that is, which hardly anybody does; from 250-350 kW it's ANG0.7415 and for more, ANG0.7857/kW.
So we're still the champ, as the German price is "average". Makes you feel good, right? Or at least better? No?
All because Germany switched to "free" alternative energy.

Same Old Song
Extra measures must be taken to prevent tourists being victims of atrakos. Poor babies! Of course they're selected as they have expensive cameras, cell phones and whatever; not to mention more money. We mere inmates seem to must fend for ourselves.
Curaçao police reports more burglaries and domestic violence in the recent past.

Killer Trucks
Looks like the cops are getting serious in fighting traffic violations. Now, they have stopped and fined 60 trucks in one morning for no valid car tests; no insurance; no safety belt worn; no license plate in front; colored windows; phone calls while driving; and technical things like uncovered loads.

That Took Time
The ministerial council has finally agreed to accept the law to limit top salaries in Government owned entities; plus, the personnel's salaries must be lowered by 12.5%. Top salaries are now limited to 263K/year, or 130% of what our PM makes. After his salary has been cut with 25%.
This must still pass Staten/parliament, though.

The 3 guys who set fire to the Tax Office have been convicted of 8, 6 and 6 years of prison. Also, they must pay the Tax Person 50K guilders for damage, each.
Peanuts, as the Smart Ones in Fort Amsterdam are still considering to demolish the building and replacing it with a new one. For 60 million guilders.

That's Bad
CMC hospital, as if they didn't have enough to worry about, gets more and more patients. 11% more last year. That can't go on, but as long as our Bleeders keep blaming CMC and not their own predecessors, it will go on until it implodes.

Right On
Amigoe newspaper writes about the fact that at more and more government institutions it becomes impossible to pay cash: you have to use plastic. This is allegedly because of the robberies. Okay, so stop them. Already.
No mention is made of corruption, facilitated by cash payments.
But the consequence is, you need a bank account, which many people just can't afford. In the first place, MCBank charges you 2.50 guilders a month if the account balance goes below 1000 guilders (regularly, I hasten to add). If you eke out a living from your AOV, that's a hardship.

Hope It Works
That guy in Cas Grandi now has gotten a building stop from ROP Dept. Will it help one bit? Good question. Wait for the answer.

Steamboat Fuels?
Part of the former COT Bullenbaai terrain will be put to use by the Curaçao Steamboat Fuel company. But it really is a Texas company. They want to use it to produce "sustainable" fuel, meaning diesel from vegetable oils.
This will result in 600 new jobs during constructions followed by 130 permanent jobs after 18 months. Decision will be taken in QII.
The diesel oil is called "environmentally friendly" but you have to know, opinions differ on that. If it is made from fast-food restaurants' discarded frying oil, it's pretty much okay. If it's made from specially grown crops, not so much: extra fertilizer is needed to grow those, which may be bad.

That's funny...?
Aqualectra utitility's turnover was down last year (Virus of course), but profits were higher.
Well, it figures. They always make a loss, so the less they sell, the less the loss. Got it?

"concerns about autonomy not allayed"
Is what Curaçao Chronicle writes about the COHO deal (on Hollands's financial support loans). Good. If they were allayed, then we'd get concerned. It's full of loose ends, CC says.
"Why the governments in Willemstad, Oranjestad and Philipsburg are now suddenly satisfied with an open end is not explained." adds CC. As if they could. But we can: they need money. Now.

Dutch NRC newspaper writes that corruption in Curaçao's police corps goes much deeper than previously thought. That's what you think NRC.
For us, it may go still deeper. Not to mention other places.
Like the Spoiled Brat in Social Affairs SOAW who collected money from fraudulent Virus supports.

Tough, Ed
Eduard Braam is not satisfied with the court's judgment, who's have thought it? He thinks the court went into too much detail on what he went into. "The truth will come out" he says. What did you come out of, or in to, Braam?
Maybe he'll appeal, great!
Braam's M*F*K party will react later this week. Oh, the awful suspense.

So That's Compliance
M*F*K finance sinister Silly-Vain is shouting from the rooftops that his tax compliance measures work so well. More and more tax receipts are flowing in.
But Amigoe newspaper tells us that all that is strictly necessary because not all of those cost-reducing measures have been implemented. Among others, spoiled brats' salaries.
And finally, we're told that if tax income doesn't go up, AOV welfare pension, which hasn't been inflation adapted since 2013, must be reduced. But spoiled brats' salaries? Deadly silence.

Get Lost, Braam
Eduard Braam who wanted to become M*F*K minister of justice, was stupid enough to go to court protesting the screening law. We escaped from having him in that function. The judge told him to get out; he had been convicted of statutory rape (lechery with a 16-year old girl) way back when, and that matter of fact was a crime. That he hadn't been locked up doesn't mean a thing.
And this man wanted to become sinister of justice? We truly escaped.
Braam's thinking it over, we read. He says the verdict's not clearly "No" nor "Yeah". You think, Eduard?
Will he appeal? More popcorn!

Roll On, Mighty Virus
45 positives today, 19 imported; 1 more death, total 247.

Eat Your Words, Silly
And he did. He retracted his Fakebooc (how long will that asocial thing still be around? just a thought) remarks against Gijs & Bertha's daughter on the Bearingpoint debacle.
His lawyers told him to.
Does this stop Vanessa's court action? I hope not.

Come On...
Everybody is all excited because a Big Noise at CNN bedded his secretary, or another cooperating female, for years. So what else is new? Yaaawwwnnn... Now he must go!

Ya Think? Fancy That!
Finance minister Silly-Vain thinks it's unjust not to catch taxes from everybody. Like, that the good sheep people pay for the bad goats ones. No, you're excused for getting mixed up, but he is not referring to Spoiled Brats and Corrupt Politicians.
He wants to do something about it. Good Luck!
You understand, if the bad ones are forced to pay up it doesn't necessarily result in lower taxes for the good ones. Oh, you got that already?

Only 63
New Virus cases. Still way too high, but at least below 100.

Makes Won 1der
That Cas Grandi place where the owner was doing as he liked, and the neighbors complained? Nothing to see here, the same happened with the Taams/Advent Clinic in Mahaai, another residential neighborhood, where some residents now have been putting up a fight for years. Same thing; in fact, worse. But there, no results.

Go Boil Your Head—Cook on Gas
In the USA, airco use may outstrip electricity supply by 2030. Because of calamitous global warming, you know. Oh, you guessed already. The warmer it gets, the harder your airco has to work; figures. So between 8% and 13% more juice must be used, which just isn't available—even now, let alone when fossil fuels are phased out. Or aircos must become 8% more efficient. What causes that difference, is not explained; doesn't matter, I'm all for it! Will save me money no matter how.
Sure, it's only predictions, as usual; both the warming and the airco bit.
I remind myself that since the inverter aircos came along, my airco bill dropped by at least 50%, so what are we talking about?
And by the way you know, that warming has been missing in action for the past 7 years and 3 months.

The Wave Goes On
4 more people have died of the Virus, total now 246. I must have missed out on some... Still over 100 infections/day.

Loan Shark
Deputy plenipot minister Manuel tells in an interview how he used to charge usurious interest on loans to his fellow students. 200 guilders over 1000, that's 20%, am I right? The loan term isn't mentioned, probably wisely. The guy has no idea that's considered immoral and is even illegal (not the same thing as we are all sadly aware).
He certainly learned his lesson: grab it while and where you can.

Oh, re. that Budget Accord
Holland agrees with a 2022 budget deficit of 161.2m guilders. Only. Now we can go on borrowing.

Cutting Doctors Back to the Job
CMC hospital announces that operations have been restarted.

What Else Did You Expect?
Two out of three "sick" workers turn out to have no health problem at all. That was three years ago; KKC calls it "remarkable". Ya think?
Even more remarkable is that now, three years later, nothing has been done about it.
Small wonder. Workers often have to work in much too small rooms, with little light, mildew on walls, leaking aircos, flickering FL-tubes.

Por Fin
The Mighty Kingdom and Curaçao have finally reached an accord on the COHO deal, without which no further money support would be forthcoming.
Now wait for the anti-colonials to erupt in rage and Spoiled Brats to try to get out from underneath.

Oh So Fine
Curfew has been changed! We may now hit the road (no other objects, please?) until 24:00. Let us all gratefully kiss the 4$$es of our Great Bleeders who always mean the best for us.
Meanwhile, yesterday there were 5 more Virus deaths.

Busy As a Bee
But watch his sting! The same guy who was working on illegal activities in Jan Sofat has now been reported by his neighbors for the same sort of thing in Cas Grandi, where he's expanding a residential house so he can exploit it as a hotel. Hey Mudbelly, where are you?

No Ambtenarenpaleis After All
Our government, at least the present one, seems finally to have discarded the idea of collecting all the Spoiled Brats and their "services" in one building, the so-called civil servants palace as it has been called in the Hague, Holland, where the people know where it's at. The plan is now to cluster related departments, and work with modern solutions, says sinister "Sid" Martina (no relation). (As far as I know.)

Still Around?
Parlatino's first meeting since 2020 will be visited by not all of our parliament members. Nobody else missed those useless canceled meetings much.

But M*F*K Likes Them
In the discussion on darkly tinted car windows M*F*K says it's a "misconception" that criminals use those to commit atrakos: criminals prefer to use stolen cars for that. M*F*K points out that recently 2 cops were shot at from a car— with transparent windows! See?

They Needed a Scan for That?
A QuickScan of the Tax office showed that it needs improvement. We knew it all the time. "Customer friendliness" is high on the list. I can imagine.
Gee, I wonder how much a QuickScan costs.
Here's the solution: hire more personnel! Oops...

Working Cops
In 1 hour, they caught and fined 19 drivers who jumped the lights, at 1 single crossing.

Productivity Too Low, Tariffs Too High
For taxis. Boy, are we surprised. SER social-economic council says so and you know what? They're probably right.
Average number of rides 3 (three!?) per day. Are you serious? With which the drivers are supposed to earn the minimum weekly wage. ANG9.62/hour times 40 makes 384.40/week, so they make, you pay, like 25 guilders/ride. No wonder tourists (and everybody else) prefer other ways of transportation.
Sorry, this is too ridiculous for words and I stop here.

Slowly But Surely
Turn on those screws. Leave it to Mudbelly. The higher airport tax was canceled, but everybody will have to pay ANG4.50 anyway on arrival, to pay for the airport's FAA upgrade.
When that's expected to finally come along, we're not told. That's about 3 times the amount needed of 1.3 million guilders—per year! It's called a "security charge".

Wow, Speedy Gonzalez Hits the Road!
The government program will be published this very month! As they have been actually governing us, if only after a fashion (hope I'm not insulting them) for a while, let me remind you: that's since June 14, 2021. That's 7 months.

Didn't They Have One Already?
The the Hague Curaçaohuis is advertising around for a new manager. Quaint.

Yes, It Was a Cop
The brain behind the Great Coke Robbery of 600 keys of coke from the Rio Canario police station has been arrested, in Holland, and will be returned here. Yes, as we all suspected from the first moment, he was a cop himself. Another guy will accompany him home.
So maybe that meager reward has after all been of help?

I Must Be Wrong?
PNP MP Osepa holds a discourse in which he states that it's our own fault that we keep needing Holland's Help. So he, a politician, agrees with me? Makes me think a bit. He points to "shameless persons, rats" who're just out to fill their pockets and accuses all political parties of being on the same track since 2010.
And before, I may add.

232 Deaths And Counting
Now it's the oldies who die of the Virus. Most of them have not even had 2 shots.

Uh Oh... No Kidding?
M*F*K, our Big Bleeder's party, is trying to get the public ministry to take action against anyone who insults our PM. I didn't mean it... honest. It's because our Commander-in-Chief is called "Pik" which means "Prick" in Dutch; so I figured he's just asking for it. "It's a bad example" says Thodé. Kindly explain who's setting the bad example here?
Beirded Weardo stands, though. That's not an insult—it's a description. And why might he not be insulted, just like anybody else? Are we sliding into Nazi Germany, or a Commie state?
On second thoughts, yes, looks like it.
Threats, now yes, that's different all right.
Not so long ago, somebody somewhere was accused of something like that, but the judge concluded that his victim was asking for it as well and let him go free. It comes with the position.
Oh wait, it's only for insulting Pisas! That's a relief.

Sounds Familiar
While South Africa back in 1993 (3 years after Apartheid ended) was the 64th rich land out of 193, it has now dropped to 88 out of 101. That's from the top 3rd to the bottom half; or from the 28th top economy to the 38th. Unemployment has grown incredibly, and so has inflation.
No foreign investments is one of the factors.
Reminds me of another place I know. When was our 1st referendum again? 1993, you say? Sounds about right.

So There We Are, Right Now
"Fascism was defined by Mussolini as a merger of state and corporate power."
In actual fact, we were there ever since the Dutch came in. What else was the West-Indische Compagnie? But our own Great Bleeders never let it go; too many opportunities in there. Let me sum up: KLM's ALM, taken over by the government and then going down the drain. Shell's Isla refinery, taken over &c.; OGEM, taken over by Kodela/Aqualectra &c.; CDM/DOK; SEHOSpital, run by the Catholic church; Smit's Tugs, now TOW or whatever; ABC bus company—this is getting boring, fast....
But Fascism isn't Nazism, you say. True. It's awfully close, though, and both are close to Communism and Socialism.

That Boss-in-Chief
CMC hospital announces they know nothing about Bearded Weirdo's plans to get Cuban slaves to assist us in the Virus pandemic. Doesn't matter, does it? Big Prick is commander-in-chief and we'll have to follow his orders.
Put another way, we're all our government's slaves. No kidding.

Who Cares?
M*F*K Mudbelly Cooper doesn't, that's for sure. He has hired a person called Gerda Willems for a (no doubt lucrative) job as commissary/director of Woningbouw [building] against the advice of SBTNO, who say she doesn't have the necessary knowledge or training, nor the requisite 5 years' experience in a leading position. There's more.
But maybe she has other qualifications. Mudbelly is not talking about those. Be discrete!

Please Pass the Popcorn
Great, if not wholesome, entertainment is sure to follow. Vanessa Gijsbertha, Gijs & Bertha's daughter, has filed a complaint for libel against Silly Vania, the new minister of finance. Silly Vain blames her for the Bearing Point disaster, and also claims she got her job at Finance ministry in an "irregular" way.
Of course, Vanessa, Gijs & Bertha both deny all allegations.

Oh, That's Great
Our economy will grow this year (at least, that's what the pundits say: 6.6%—but they've been wrong before etcetera) but don't get all excited: inflation will grow faster and more, so we'll all be worse off as a result.
At least Doornbosch of CBCS central bank admits it's all unsure.

They Keep Dying
Yes, bad news. Still far too many Virus infections: 118 new cases; 41 in hospital; total deaths 229.

Hear Here!
"Electromobility is nonsense promoted by politicians with no technical knowledge," says Stefan Pierer, the Austrian CEO of KTM Group, which includes includes names like Husqvarna, GasGas and Rieju.
"A 500-kg battery to substitute 20 liters of fuel" ... "a stupid idea."
You ask, "but what do politicians know, anyway?" I'm not going to try and answer that one; even if the answer could be very short.

Smart Parking Downtown
Which means, you can pay with an App; no meters. Big deal. To be introduced in May.
Be really smart: don't go Downtown. Leave it to the tourists.

Co Vadis
2 more died, not in CMC. Total now 227.

They Never Learn, Do They?
Our Big Prick, M*F*K PM Pisas, comes with an old and well-worn tried-out solution for CMC hospital's personnel problems. We'll get them from Cuba! Just like in the past: import slaves and damn the consequences. I point at CDM/DOK, now Damen Shipyards, where some escaped which even led to an international Curaçao boycott.
This while there's an international report on the slave conditions for Cuba's (not only) medical workers. But we always wondered whether Big Prick can read, anyway.
Amazing how a people where there's always whining and nagging going on about the great injustice (which it is, don't get me wrong) of slavery never shrinks back from starting it anew themselves. Those Filipino workers at BOO who were made to disappear in a great hurry, remember?
Hey, and what price those dolphins? The smart almost-humans.
And also auntie Sushi who wanted to import, and sell! Cuban 'medicine'. She wasn't the only one, either. I'm as well reminded of a former South African minister of health, who told people to drink red beet juice to stop HIV/AIDS; then herself went to a foreign country to have her liver, ruined by alcohol, replaced.
Oops, sorry, Auntie's plans may have been Chinese quackery. Not mutually exclusive, you're so right.

Where Is That?
Fortuna Ariba? Does it really matter? Another instance of some guy just filling up a valley, this time with building debris, because he feels like it and will probably get away with it. Spend some money, it's all for a good cause. Progress can't be stopped!

Oh Wait
Same all over. We excusably thought when reading the newspaper head "Give us new roads, not emergency repairs" that it was about Mudbelly. No, this was from Bonaire. Join the club, Bonairianos... One Happy Family!

Almost Over?
Let's hope so. Epi Izzy says the Virus peak has passed but we need to keep watching. You bet. Two more deaths, total now 227.

Weak... Very Weak
The Mighty Kingdom (AKA The Louse That Bored) has made adjustments to the borders in the Caribbean Sea. We gave up 35 square kilometers! that's over 13 square miles... and will never get 'em back.
There's a lot of tuna fish in that area. Maybe.

There We Go—Again
Ten more lockdown days, 3rd time. This while the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Bolivia and the Czech Republic are ending (almost) all anti-Virus measures. Sweden, Norway and Finland have announced they will follow soon. Enough is quite sufficient and it doesn't seem to help much anyway.
For what reasons it doesn't is another matter, and I won't go into that. I certainly don't know more than the officials, who don't seem to know more than I do either, and keep contradicting each other.
Curfew from 23:00, but businesses have to close down by 22:00. Those breathtakingly stupid masks are now obligatory outside as well, where you can't keep enough anti-social distance.

The Man for the Job
Amigoe newspaper editorializes that Mudbelly Cooper should be able to find out where all those fake permits come from, and how. They have a good, even strong point: if there's anyone who'd know, it would be he.
I clam up at this point. Hey, I may be crazy but not a fool!

God Help Us
She oughta punish them fools. A recent deadly accident was caused when 2 pick-up trucks were racing, and one "lost control of the wheel" (how do you do that?) and the guy behind had to change lanes. Where a mini-van had the bad luck to drive in the other direction. 2 deaths resulted; in the mini-van of course. Pick-up drivers? Not a scratch, I understand.

A Bit Late
Who cares? We're used to that. As from Monday February 31st we can join the long line to pay our car tax. That's only 1 week later than announced and only the very day when those taxes should have been paid. It's the law. What law?

You Don't Say
The Tax Person's office is a mess. Yes, we know. But journalist Dick Drayer sums it all up. All? It can't be done... Anyway, he's done his utmost and lists 14 points that cry out for improvement. Fast.
But a Quickscan shows reforms will take a long time. Yerss.

Doesn't Work... Mostly
We now have 222 Virus deaths. Many car drivers don't care and hit the road after Sperrzeit lockdown hours; and frankly, I can't see many problems with that in itself. Where they come from or go to is another matter, sure. When these drivers approach a roadblock they make a sudden stop or turn into a side road. Where the cops say they are ready and waiting as well.
Many cars have no proper documents. These are said to be confiscated. The cars, not the documents: there aren't any!

Only Half
... of businesses makes tax returns in time. Gee, how do they get away with that? I distinctly remember how I was a week late a number of years ago and was fined more than the entire company was worth.
A makamba woman temporary worker ended that foolishness in one fell swoop.

Drip, Drip, Drip
Girobank director Capella has, after all, been convicted to pay over 7 million dollars back to "his" now bankrupt bank. Still, that's only a small fraction of the 170 million guilders the bank had to loan from Holland (colonial usurpers).
Capella claims everybody is guilty, except he himself. Wish indeed I had guiltily caught part of all those millions.

Pay Up, Or Else
Accountancy firm Jourdain has been ordered by court to reimburse 4.1 million that should not have been paid out by BVZ (sickness costs). A blow not only for Jourdain, but also for sinister of sickness Pietersz-Janga, who almost had to lift her seat from her plush chair, but after all didn't have to. Hey, what's a few million among political friends? And it's a mere part of the "hundreds of millions" that went up in smoke during ex-PM M*F*K' Shorty's reign; but at least for this he won't have to pay.

Emigration Up
Since 2017, population has been shrinking again. After years of modest growth, people split for better locales. Why could that possibly be?
6667 until this year, that's over 4% of the total population.
Not counting illegals, right.

PAR and MAN parliament fractions have asked for a meeting on SVBZ, an investigation into the affairs of which last year was suddenly canceled by sinister of unhealth Pietersz-Janga, and then restarted when her salary job ran into danger.

Ain't That Nice
14 liquidations in 2017 haven't been solved yet. But the police is still working on them, so no worries.
Also, in 4 years 6 Glocks have disappeared from the Marine base. Here, still better: inquiries are in full swing!

That Virus
One more death, total now 216. 79 new cases, 29 imported. 57 in CMC hospital, 16 in ICU. Getting better; slowly.

Go Ahead, Make Us Laugh
A Dutch flight school will open a Bonaire business next year with the first Caribbean electric flight school. I keep wondering about that. Didn't these guys learn at least arithmetic at their own flight school?
Quote: "The amount of energy that can be stored in an aviation-grade battery (143Wh per kg15) is currently almost 90 times less than the energy in a kilogram of kerosene."
Happy Landings, as they used to say? Better say: Lucky Take-Off!

Yes, But
In KKC, Paul Comenencia tells us that the drive for inpedence will not lead anywhere, and no doubt his right. Being sovereign is only worth it in a larger set-up. But when he continues to state that we therefore should join the €U, I'm not so sure.
In the first place, for how long? Good question, huh?

Hope It Helps
In the last 3 days the cops have fined 70 drivers for driving through red lights. A modest start.

Trouble in Tourist Paradise
Actually, just at the cruise ship megapier. Tourists were only allowed to board touring buses, so they'd be easy to find when one or more got infected. So-called bubble management. But the management had forgotten to inform the taxi-drivers, who wasted their time waiting there to pick up loads. No loads were forthcoming, though.
The taxi-drivers then sang the National Hymn. A fat lot of good that always is.

Now 215 Virus deaths, 55 in CMC, 16 in ICU. 33 imported cases. Right ho!

Blame CMC
Take the easy way out. Sinister of Sickeness Pietersz-Janga has allowed costs to rise until they're so high, SVB social insurance has no money to cover them.
And who's to blame? Well, maybe not this sinister, I grant. But not CMC either.

They Don't Understand It
Well, we do. The guy who went ahead cutting down mangroves, building piers and who knows what else at his Jan Sofat property was able to show the necessary permits.
ROV dept doesn't understand how that's possible. But we think it's easy. In fact, it's the usual.

Is That Wise?
Sinister of Sickness Pietersz-Janga wants better contact with the press. Most of questions were answered by the Wearded Beirdo, M*F*K PM Prickie, until now. But she warns that requests directed to her personal WhatsApp may take some time to answer, because she's so busy.

There You Have It
The government hardly troubles with controlling (and inning taxes) on illegal rentals. So there CASHA, do something about it.
Like we have been trying to do about government actions for almost 20 years now. Frustrating, ain't it? Tell us all about it.

Even ABVO...
... the Spoiled Brats' Union is not convinced by the sinisters' reasoning that more cabinet personnel will save on costs.
But on second thoughts, of course not! ABVO would rather have spoiled brats in those functions.

Easy to Remember
Next month is a popular month for new marriages, we read. Figures: you won't soon forget to come home with a bunch of flowers, whatever, if you married on a date with only 2s and 0s in it. Saves struggle and strife.
Wish we had a way to forget 10-10-10!

For How Long?
And about time, too, anyway. The government debt is being reduced. Boy, are we impressed: it's now only a mere 78% of the GNP.

Hold Your Sarcasm
RdK Isla refinery has "asked" a "number of companies" to submit a binding proposal for exploitation before end of February. Leaves us to wonder, how many of the announced 30 will actually do so?
Amigoe mentions only 20 new potentials. Oh, where did they all go?

Now They Think About That
A workgroup advises looking for a "sustainable" solution for the CMC hospital. Gee, I wish they'd thought of that ten years ago.

Virus Figures
310 new positive cases out of 2029 tested; 19 imports. 54 in hospital, 16 in ICU. 1 more death, total now 211.
Too bad there's one more patient who should go to the ICU. Sorry pal!

Soft Slap on the Wrist
"Naughty, naughty": the auditors of Ennia will get disciplinary action, by 'temporarily' removing them from the register. Oooo... that will hurt! No word on the commissaries/directors.

Still No Stickers
They were ordered from China, need I say more? And they will definitely not be ready for paying your car tax on the 24th.
The Tax person calls it onmacht, not quite impotence. So do we, but quite.

Not Good?
Depends on your viewpoint. There were 4 cruise ships in harbor yesterday (this month 51 are expected, just as many as before the Virus), but they're only half full.
If that.

So Sorry!
That would be of local interest only, but there'll be no Tumba festival this year. Again. A bit late, that: it was supposed to start 10 days from now.

Oh Dear
That dog that's keeping us out of the Mangrove Wood Park will be removed, says Mudbelly. It was chained next to the entrance, had no drinking water all night, was in an advanced state of pregnancy and had faeces strewn all around it. Responsible was the owner, a security firm (which is not mentioned by name). Someone's family relation, by any chance?

Missed One?
Total Virus deaths now 210 (2 more added to 207?); 422 positive tests out of 2749 (15%); 25 imported cases. 54 in hospital, 17 in ICU.

Round and Round
Curaçao ministers may hire more personnel. There's no money to pay them, but does that matter? Don't be a spoilsport! 7 instead of 5 per cabinet. And they'd rather hire relatives or friends; figures, as they get 25% more than regular spoiled brats. 2-3 million more costs per year. Don't worry, we have colonial liquidity support.
Which you and me will have to pay back, later.
But sinister Martina says that's all wrong, those extras save money! Alas, I can't follow his explanation—what there is of it. No link, I'm sure nobody can; let alone he himself.
There were 3 cabinet personnel allowed before PAR Bhillenaath's cabinet took over. Judging from the results, they must have had easy jobs. Still easier now.

Always Complaining
Now that hotels are fuller than ever, of course! naturally! Chata hotel club is complaining there's not enough personnel available. Seems the remedy is simple: don't accept that many visitors for a while.
Some actually have done that. Problem is, many former workers are afraid to take up their old jobs because they'll be kicked out presto when a new problem arrives. They have a point.

Yes, We Know
CMC hospital needs more money, but our Sinister of Sickness will not give them any. Is what looks like an impasse. CMC says the tariffs are too low, but SVB social insurance won't raise them. Result, CMC's losses total 114 million (guilders) and its debt over 68m.
It's in court now.
You know, I think some cash or crash will have to follow.

So Much for Predictions
Oil demand levels are expected to grow to pre-Covid levels this year. Sorry, Greenies and Warmists.
But you don't have to worry, our government is almost guaranteed to miss out on its predictions for a new Isla exploiter in February.

Hey Mudbelly, How's Your Bank Account?
Good question; but will it be answered? "Fat!" like the owner? (Yes, yes, that's ad hominem, bugger off; con mucho gusto.) Yet another guy is building piers to his heart's content in Jan Sofat. Amigoe newspaper says it's the third one since May 20, 2021. This particular person got an official building stop 8 months ago (that's May as well). But why should he care? As long as PAR's Jezus-Leito and her follow-up VVRP sinister M*F*K's Mudbelly get their money (I mean their salaries as ministers, don't get me wrong, huh huh) nothing else will happen.
On another page, Amigoe points out that Mudbelly is obliged shortly to take a decision on the Jewel apartment complex in Pietermaai. A fight between the builders and the neighborhood reps has been going on since 2013. Where VVRP has been desperately trying new ways to give Jewel new permits after the court kicked the older ones out. Happened time and again. Unavoidably makes you think, "what's in there for those ministers?" But better not say it out loud, they may sue you for slander and libel; and may win some more money, your money, to boot as you couldn't possibly prove it. They're smart enough for that, you have to concede.
Yair, I know Pietermaai is called Godett now; has been so for a long time. Just doesn't seem to stick. But if Jewel wins this time, that "new" name certainly is appropriate.

So Do We
The BES (Bonaire-Statia-Saba) people will start paying more taxes. Aren't you glad we're independent?
Er... how much do we pay, compared?

They Did It!
Our Great Bleeders admit the number of Virus infection is dropping (sharply) but ten days of lockdown more "is too short". Why not prolong them ad infinitum? Good question, but I like the answer even better.

Moscow warns that Russia is considering moving troops to (again) Cuba and (new) Venezuela. Which leaves us in the pressure center.
We can only hope that Holland will not give up their neo-"colonialism.
The Russkis plan that to help Trump replace Biden, sure. We can guess that will work, just as surely.

Which Leaves Us as Masked Bandits
The UK and the Czech Republic have ended all visum mandates. But not our Great Bleeders. Only tourists are still welcome!
And the USA Center for Disease Control admits that masks are no good and serve no purpose. Except interfering with your breath and freedom, there's that. Here, still 9 days or so to go.
Next to expect from CDC, of course is moving up to surgical masks. Much better, no matter how you look at it.

ProMo: Maybe Yes, Maybe No
ProMonumento is appealing the cases they lost on Marichi and the Wharf. In both instances the judge ruled they were too late in objecting. But they now [!] have a real lawyer who doesn't accept that.
We all hope the appeal works. Both projects are ridiculously, even criminally, planned and should never have received permits. Not that it would have made a difference.

Good Going
Only 5 atrakos last week, 3 houses and 5 businesses/schools were burglarized, and 3 cars broken into. The cops asks for help from the public to fight this. So much for their great plans.

One More, Ten More
Of the 53 Virus patients in CMC hospital (13 in ICU) one has died, bringing the total to 207. The government says the lockdown has worked, and so prolongs it for 10 days. Because they say it works.
How they are sure about that, we're not told.

Aber eine Organisation!
The punch line of a WWII joke about the way a visitor is sent by department after department in his quest for an item, only to be told at the end it isn't available. Upon which he exclaims "But what a great organization!"
So we went to the CMC hospital a long time ago to get registered there, and we were. After a long long wait. Why it was necessary at all, as we were registered at the old SEHOSpital? Now, I got an appointment there and the first they tell me, I have to register again! That first one doesn't count. More time wasted, for me and for them.

Meeting Canceled
The planned parliament meeting on decolonization has been canceled; there are more urgent matters to discuss. Right.

Well, Really
Two cars have been confiscated for "fevering" (driving like maniacs, turning rounds with screeching tires while endangering foolhardy lookers-on) and will probably be destroyed; 21 have been fined for jumping red lights; 24 for other reasons; and the cops plan to start fining badly parked cars.
So it looks like they are following their plans? For as long as it lasts.

Dual Language
One school (sorry, forget which; protestant) plans to give lessons in two languages from now on. But Papiamento is not in the deal: no, it's gonna be Dutch and English.

You Don't Say!
Casha, club of room owners, complains there are many people who rent out their rooms without paying any taxes. A disgrace! Illegit competition! Casha says brokers say many second houses are bought for rental purposes, payments come in at foreign accounts and that's it.
And the Tax Person only goes after the registered owners; the others are untouched; has been going on for 15 years. This is a very familiar story for income tax as well; has been going on since dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Time-Out Extended
For ten days, so until January 27. At least, this will probably be announced later today. Weard Beird Big Prick says the Virus situation would have been worse without the time-out. How does he know? Huh?
And it might also have been better without imports.
Schools reopen today, but without sufficient teachers.

Better and Worse
The first time I encountered it: not climate problem, emergency, crisis, catastrophe, but apocalypse. My, I'd be shaking in my boots—if in this tropical climate I weren't barefoot.
Howz by you the winter, up there?
Meanwhile, green countries are in trouble because (I mean you, Deutschland and England) they shut down their nuclear reactors and now have to buy gas from the Russkis. On conditions, sure. Also because all of a sudden there's so much world demand for (horror!) coal and (worse!) lignite, there's not enough to go around.
So the German vice-chancellor takes the logical step to install more solar panels and wind generators. Must be a smart guy... He plans to bring consumer prices back down to an acceptable level by moving the Green surcharges to the state. In other words, the Krauts will pay less per kW; but more tax.

More Virus
1 death, total now 206; 339 new cases (14.5% of those tested), 25 imported; 47 in hospital, 13 in ICU.

Great Timing
Staten/parliament will hold a meeting on decolonization and liquidity support. They do have one-track minds, don't they? I've said it before: we're effectively decolonized when we don't need to apply for liquidity support. Take care of your finances, and you're free.
Only PAR Pauletta thinks it's "inopportune" to start discussing that right now. At least, she's the only one expressing that opinion. "Shouldn't we now be discussing the situation in CMC hospital instead?" she asks. To name but a few.

Sounds Rotten
If (and when) the situation in Venezuela runs out of hand, the Dutch government is prepared to protect its Caribbean parts of the kingdom. For example by taking measures to take in large numbers of refugees, and to evacuate Dutch passports holders in Venezuela. This by using the Dutch military units already here, like the Marines and Navy, plus Coast Guard etc.
Let's hope it won't be necessary, but with a crackpot tinpot dictator...

Big Prick Is Bitter
Really angry, if not foaming at the mouth. Those uncouth Fuikbaai visitors don't care what his Excellency the Boss-in-Chief ordains. So from now on the cops (who have more to do than they can handle already) and the Coast Guard (which is supposed to watch for dope smugglers and human traffickers and to help boats in trouble) must do everything so the Prick gets His Way.

Fine... Just fine...
After all, we can start paying car taxes on January 24. The license plates date from 2009, but we're not getting new ones. No money: millions of car tax have not been collected. 13,000 of the 90,000 registered cars have not paid their taxes last year.
We're not told when we're supposed to have paid. Doesn't matter, right you are. 15% never paid...

So Dutch
The Dutch king will stop driving around in the so-called Gouden Koets [Golden Coach]; for a while.
It's mere gilded wood, anyway, and he only does so once a year, when the cabinet opens in september. The mighty king thinks it's outdated, but the public is disappointed.

More Virus
Over 11 thousand active cases, 43 in hospital, 13 in ICU. 3 dead, total 202. 21 imports.
So here on the island, 1 in 13 now has Covid, but very few have to go to hospital or die.
1300 people have been fined for not following his Excellency the Big Prick's orders.

Maduro's Border
Venezuela's president Maduro wants the borders with Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao reopened. He was the one who closed them, but that's how dictators work. OK with Curaçao, but not with Aruba where they keep delaying for three months. Eventually it will end, mand they will reopen, of course. Too close for comfort.
But the floating market has sunk long since.

Mangrove Drama
The Group of 6 which has been expressing considered opinions on the idiocy around the Rif Mangrove Wood, now (or in actual fact much later) Park, makes its conclusions known again. They have taken a look at what has been accomplished and don't like it much.
In spite of the politicians, the only ones who seem to have had an official look around, saying it was all so great, it's a mess. What has been finished, which is only a small part of the total, is already warping and rotting: like the boardwalks and the wooden benches, which don't seem to have been properly conserved. The boardwalks don't even have railings everywhere; nice for the kids. Paths are partly covered with gravel, making it hard for wheelchairs. Sewage problems have not been solved, and the place stinks heavily. All this may explain why the public is not admitted yet.
Millions more must be invested after the millions spent already. This may make many people happy (more bribe fees!) But Mudbelly Cooper was not available for Amigoe newspaper to comment.

More Trouble for Maal?
Carmabi's lawyers have started a new action, this time against the country. Their claim is the government in 2016 illegitimately changed the EOP so development of Oostpunt could proceed.
Could go on for years. Already has...

Police Plans
Among other things, they plan to start regulating the "traffic chaos" (their quotes) by controlling traffic violations. License checks, wearing safety belts, driving through red traffic lights, DUI, tinted windows (my estimate, 1 in 5), unallowed overtaking, speeding and "fevering".
Question, why only now, when there's a personnel shortage? These things have been going on, and growing worse, for years. If the cops had taken action earlier, it wouldn't be such a chaos now. Besides, any chance of success now seems remote.
They asked for it: remember how PAR/MAN's PM Bhillenaath was bragging how traffic would become safest in the world?" Then they put up millions of traffic signs, in my improvable guess each with a hefty fee for the minister.

Tourists Go Free
Eight visitors to Curaçao who arrived with fake PCR tests will not go to prison: there's no room for 'em there.

Private Enterprise
Enormous numbers of Virus antigen self-tests have been distributed among businesses, for their personnel on condition the workers don't have to pay for them. In turn, many of these are being sold in the streets. In wholesale quantities.
Inspection of health is "worried" and warns the quality of those can't be guaranteed; without really explaining why not. "May" have been damaged, etc.
Not so long ago, self tests were not allowed but since Omicron started blossoming, we may use them. Why not before? Power kick?

You're supposed to pay your car tax before February 1. (I can't remember that ever really happens.) Anyway, not only is the car test facility as good as closed (the Virus, you know), the stickers for your wind screen to prove you paid haven't been delivered yet. Won't happen long before February.
You have to show the proof of testing or you can't pay. Theoretically, at least.

Oho! There We Go!
The problems at Curaçaohuis are caused because plenipot minister Manuel was in such a hurry to give his aunt Pensioen-Provence the, one may assume well-paying, job of interim-director, he started by taking away the powers of the present director. Without firing her, so we may be paying 2 salaries now.
But Human Resources judged that Manuel's aunt wasn't fit for the job. So nothing happened and the central heating broke down. Small wonder, the building is much too large and was badly maintained when it was bought, in the first place. Fräudlein Wiels, remember? She bought it, we paid.

Can't See a Thing
We need a "black lens" to look at slavery history say the organizers of a Dutch parliament meeting. But first, it looks like next time they need better planning.
To me, as a photographer, the mere idea of a black lens is utter nonsense.

Spend More, Learn Less
Here's another one! During the last 5 years, 13-15 million guilders were overpaid to schools. Mainly, because when pupils move to another school both schools keep getting money for them. Is dissa system? Minister of education wants to digitize the process. As if there weren't computers around five years ago. But the minister needs money for the process! As if there is any around.

Hey, Wait!
You've got me all mixed up now. First, we had to get a shot. Then, a second shot. Then, a booster shot. And promised 2 per year from now on. Or more.
But WHO has changed thoughts, once again. All those shots weaken your immune system, so better stop. Oh, and while they're at it, all those vaccine passports don't make it either.
Bad luck for Big Pharma. Now they have to be content with those useless cholesterol medications. Which many people seem to discard unused anyway.

Oh Joy
The Monday following Carnival will remain an official free day.

Oh, We're Used to That
The Hague Curaçaohuis lacks a manager. With results: in this January winter heating has been U/S for a week already. Personnel has been given space heaters. No doubt electrical; we'll pay the high costs.
But no worries, M*F*K PM Prickie has taken measures yesterday! A vacancy for the manager function will be published "shortly". That guy is really on his toes; just don't step on them.

That's how many died on Curaçao because of the virus. Not good! 30 in hospital now; 53 imports.
But our dear Unhealthy Minister (where do they find these types?) is out of isolation. She's sent out a WhatsApp that "during her isolation, she could think." Help!

Sigh. That's Not News.
The government's salary administration is not in order, notes Amigoe newspaper. Really? Yes: in only 25% of cases registered mutations follow the law. The total of wrong payments from 2010-2019 is "estimated" at 55 million guilders. It's mainly overtime; who'd have thought that.
That's about 150 guilders per family, total. Ain't life sweet?

this one's from South Africa
Friendly Guard Dogs
In the mangrove park, still not open to the public, dogs have been observed by passers-by. Now we're told that these are supposed to prevent 'unauthorized' persons to enter the park. Means, people who haven't paid, I guess.
Friendly, no?

Now That You Mention It
Schools are supposed to reopen on February 28, Monday after Carnival. But that's an official day off! So the teachers, naturally, are protesting: they have had umpteen days off already because of the virus, but don't plan to let this one get away from 'em.
And we're not even sure yet how much of Carnival will be canceled anyway.

What's the Use, Anyway
The meeting on rising consumer prices between minister Cijntje, parliament and "the" consumer association (in fact, we have two) has been canceled.
Waste of time, right? They can't do a thing about it.

Stop All That
CMC hospital is forced to stop all operations, because 200 people working there have been grounded by the Virus.

¡Qué Viva Turismo!
We read that its a custom by now: evert Sunday some 12 charter boats filled with 30-40 tourists each hit Fuikbaai to sow the virus freely around with no limitations. The cops are just unable to stop this omicron-orgy. But now the public ministry has had enough, the tourists will all be fined after having been found from their photos and videos, freely to be found on the anti-social media.
In Zanzibar, another "famous" tourist center, the situation got out of hand so far that the owner was knocked down, arrested and removed bleeding. The Zanzibar management is shocked!—by the cops' behavior.
That'll teach 'em all? I fear not, but at least the country will get some more money to throw away.
The charter boat and bar owners get to be blamed. How else can they avoid going bankrupt? But tourists are welcome!
"The island is more popular than ever with Dutch tourists" publishes Dutch paper De Telegraaf.

So, No
The grandiose plans, which we figured were doomed anyway, with the old Sehospital are stopped in their tracks. The debts of Sehos are so enormous that nobody can pay them. 80 million guilders. When did we hear this before? Too often to think about it.
Looks like another Shorty-Arsjes-Auntie... you name 'em, inheritance.

And So Do We
M*F*K PM Prickie "laments" not going into the 2022 year with an approved budget.

The Dutch Get Smart
After the winter's energy disaster, they announced to go on with nuclear power. Their one and only present nuclear reactor will keep operating, plus they will build two water-cooled new ones.
This is quite a U-turn from a while back, when a judge ordered the government to go All Green, much to the hysterical joy of the superstitious lot of Warmies and Greenies. Here? Don't even ask... Aqualectra plans to go on with their evil solar plant plans.

The Bastard Sues
Venezuelan entrepreneur Correa is suing Curaçao Chronicle, who accused him of fraud in connection with his Piscadera Harbor Village. That's libel and slander, claims Correa's lawyer, who wants CC to retract their remarks.
But CC is fearless and up to now refuses. Good!
Correa never told CC what exactly they were alleged to be slandering about.

Virus Woes On
749 new positives, 73 imported. 26 in hospital, 7 in ICU.
Going down a bit. But CMC hospital lacks 200 personnel who are out by the virus themselves.
And in Fuikbaai it was just as full of vessels as on the normal Fuikdag, traditionally held in the first week of January.

What's the Use
Royal Caribbean scratched all their cruises until November. When recently their Odyssey of the Seas came into Aruba and Curaçao harbors, passengers were not allowed to come ashore. 55 crew members were infected, and 3 passengers.
Nobody is allowed aboard without being fully vaccinated. A lot of help that turns out to be.

One more patient died, total now 193. Of 20 hospitalized, 6 in ICU. Last April there were half as many infections, but 130 in hospital.

Who Cares
Almost half of the cabinet ministers are sick or in other countries. Who'd know that from results? There are none, just as always. As long as they get their salaries.

So Would We
Dutch Staatssecretarius Knops would like to have continued in his job at kingdom relations. He will be replaced by a lady who started by declaring she'd have to study the job info first. Promising: they couldn't get one who had shown some interest before?

So Do We All
The government deplores the way the 2022 budget went down the drain. In a manner of speaking: was there a budget at all?

Just What We Needed
Holland is stopping financial support for refugees because our government does not live up to human rights obligations. But the building of barracks will go on regardless, M*F*K PM Prickie promises. Where else to lock 'em up, after all? And he adds, we'll come with a plan later. Much later, I'd guess.

Going Down
Less virus infections, but 3 more deaths added: total now 192. 87 imported cases (yesterday 106). 23 patients in hospital, 6 in ICU.

Got Him One!
Now for the next. A 56 year old guy has been arrested after having "terrorized" Bandabao during "the past time". With atrakos and burglaries, what else. Not many bomb-throwers here. (Arsonists, yes.)
Plenty more where he came from.

So? Yawn..
The 2022 budget has not been signed, which is a first time, Hurrah! so the 2021 budget remains in force.
As it that one was worth it to be reckoned with.
The governor decided not to sign as the Kingdom's ministerial council RVM has not accorded the deviation from the standards.

So Listen, You Scum
We Have 7 times as many Virus patients as Holland has. Relatively, of course. So M*F*K PM Prickie got his wish. As from now, curfew from 22:00-04:30. Schools will remain closed till January 17th. Think Positive! at least the traffic will be endurable for that long.
Also, more than 100 personnel of CMC hospital have been infected. Say, weren't they vaccinated?

Jeff's Sarcastic
Jeff Sybesma, the same man who spoiled a lot for us when he published a booklet listing all Curaçao beaches, so you can't go anywhere anymore without finding milk-bottle (because of their pale skin) tourists there, now seems to have come to his senses. Too late.
He publishes an article where he points out what a waste tourism carries along: a waste we are paying for because they don't.
First, he points out that all those showers after having had a swim result in the used water arriving directly in sea, as the sewage system just doesn't work. (Methinks that's much worse than showers.) Then, there are many tons of solid tourist waste arriving in our soon-filled-to-the-brim landfill. There's more, of course. Too bad he refers to the Rio 1992 "Earth Summit"conference where a lot of that climate rigmarole started. Finally, he points out that governments tend to be very sensitive about what's published on "social media", and he wants visitors to express their negative feelings there.
As if they cared and would. As if our bleeders could and would read. It would interfere with their main interest: filling their pockets.

Back to Normal
There were four atrakos in merely one-and-a-half hour yesterday. Police advises not to take expensive stuff along when you leave home; we understand, they don't do a thing.
Only, one of those atrakos was at a home address.
Must be because tourism is back in business as well, see? Yet another atrako was on a tourist home in Jan Thiel.

Oh, Got It
All those millions extra we paid for ì fonds perdu went to overtime.

Wait... Who Was That Again?
Journalist Yves Cooper gets his wish: the judge ordered minister Mudbelly Cooper (no relation) to make public the documents, based on which the government decided in 2019 to give InselAir a 33 million loan. Cooper (Yves) requested disclosure of the economic and technical license of the airline, the report of the Dutch Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate (NILT), the loan agreement and the Pledge and Usufruct Agreement. The government first claimed those documents didn't exist. Really? but it would have surprised nobody either.
In actual fact, the loan was given by the Wise Men, remember? in 2016; by Korpodeko, Uncool IJs and PM Bhillenaath.

Two More Illegal Buildings
Next to Landhuis Groot Kwartier. A report has been made on them, out of which I just must quote: "It looks like the contractor and the project developer were not hampered by knowledge of construction practices." Heh. The judge has fined heavily; now let us see if that works.

Some Surprise
The government's accounting is such a stinking mess, the past ten years have cost us an extra 55 million guilders, overpaid to ministers and spoiled brats. If you want to know more, check it out in the media; I don't and won't.
Just this: over 2020/21, only 16.84% of salary mutations were lawfully, correctly and timely processed. After all, we can always borrow more money from the Colonials.

Oh, Sure
The University of Curaçao (the one with the long name) is a mess as well. "Weak financial and budget management." Again, I don't need to know more. Besides, we knew already without knowing.

Hospital Full
With 28 Virus patients, 8 in ICU, the hospital is full up and no more patients can be admitted. Nobody can imagine the strain on nurses, says the management.
To turn a 100 kilo patient on his side so he can get a few breaths, 6 nurses are needed. We are explained that's labor-intensive. No kidding: I myself turn on my side on my own power.
Of 270 patients hospitalized between July and January, only 14 had been fully vaccinated (I take it, 2 shots). 1 in 40 Curaçao persons is infected.

Serves Her Right
Our minister of health, Pietersz-Janga, was tested positive for the Virus on December 2021. So much for her recommendation of a "healthy lifestyle".
But she never resigned.

With What?
A Dutch know-it-all says our government invests too little. Especially in Willemstad. And he adds that investing costs the government more than it returns. Hey, so why should they?
Also, the government has no money, only debts. Heaven spare us from them "investing" more in losing projects.
To name but a few.

One More Chance
Now I'm scairt... M*F*K PM Prickie warns the people they have to keep to the Virus restrictions. (They haven't—are sick of it all, and it don't work.) Or else?
Restaurants have their rules, curfew starts 1 AM, blah blah. Prickie says his minister of health is not hiding. He says he's responsible, "I am commander in chief". Now really. Like Generalissimo Franco? Reichsführer Adolf? This is how the guy thinks; and all our other bosses.
Tourists? Not a word!
In Germany, 96% of all Omicron infections had been fully vaccinated (2 shots) and among those, 28% had had the booster shot.

2 More Deaths
The Virus, of course. That was on December 30, bringing the total to 189. Bad. Today, we have 411 positives, with 17 in hospital. 4039 active infections.
Oh, and now, we may self-test. Because of Omicron. As for now, no lockdown.

Won't Help a Bit
CDC's (USA Center for Disease Control) latest travel warning: "Just say no to cruise vacations whether you are vaccinated or not," we're told. But people kept going on those ships, "fuller of meat than an egg" when in the past there were all kinds of diseases making the rounds on them, regardless.
While Epi Izzy predicts two more weeks of high infection rates here, South Africa says there the Omicron wave is over with very few fatalities. After which, who knows? the desired population immunity may have been reached.
Which will definitely help a lot.

Poverty Reigns
Was a sad spectacle yesterday night. Normally, and even last year, we can count on at least a slightly spectacular display of firework rockets celebrating the New Year. But last night? As good, or bad, as nothing. Hey, these things cost money!
I heard only 2 pagaras go off. Not that I complain about that.

Sounds Good, Huh?
Venezuela now has Iran-built UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, popularly called "drones"). These rockets are designed to gather intelligence, and to strike surface or air targets, either by launching missiles and bombs, or conducting a suicide explosive attack by diving into the target.
They are capable of reaching Miami in the USA. We're in between.

Could He Be Right?
Lord Monckton, depending on how you look at it and where you stand an infamous or glorious Climate Change "Denier", publishes an interesting article. It boils down to this, to keep in style: the influence of the sun on earth temperature is so over-important that even if all countries achieved net-zero by 2050 ("which we won't" he adds), the warming abated would be less than 1/13°K (or 0.08°C). Which would cost not many trillions, but quadrillions. Quite different from what the media keep pushing down our throats.
Monckton claims that he has submitted such a paper to a scientific journal, which in a year hasn't found a way to refute it. Which, he says, explains why the Greenies/Warmists are getting in a pantie-wadded panic: "It's game over, and they know it."" If only.

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